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Letter From the Editor

Entrepreneurs boost recovery

imageEditor Tom Witkowski

If all of the active companies founded by MIT graduates formed an independent nation, their revenues would make its economy the 17th-largest in the world. Further, MIT alumni-funded companies have a disproportionate importance to their local economies because so many of them are manufacturing, software, biotech, or consulting firms that sell to national and world markets.

This data is from a recent study, “Entrepreneurial Impact: The Role of MIT,” completed by MIT Sloan Professors Edward B. Roberts and Charles Eesley for the Kauffman Foundation. These faculty members' data clearly shows how important entrepreneurism is to economic vitality and, in the current climate, economic recovery. Just as importantly, the data shows how integral entrepreneurism is to MIT.

At MIT Sloan, being an entrepreneur is second nature. The School is alive with the energy, excitement, and ambition of a startup culture. In its programs, its Centers, and its classrooms, the School provides numerous entrepreneurship opportunities for its students. Through these experiences — The $100K Entrepreneurship Competition, the Entrepreneurship Center, the Global Entrepreneurship Lab, the Entrepreneurship and Innovation program, to name but a few — MIT Sloan equips its students and alumni with the portfolio of skills and knowledge necessary to succeed.

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