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Faculty News

Faculty receive global recognition

Andrew LoHarris & Harris Group
Professor Andrew Lo

MIT Sloan faculty continue to be recognized for their expertise and accomplishments. President Obama tapped former Associate Professor Lael Brainard for undersecretary for international affairs in the U.S. Treasury department. In China, Mizuho Financial Group Professor of Finance Jiang Wang will take on the role of dean at the new Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance, where he hopes to highlight practical ability throughout the curriculum. MIT Sloan's Senior Lecturer Peter Senge, PhD ’78, was listed at No. 35 among the Fast Company's “100 Most Creative People in Business” in recognition of his concept of the “learning organization” and for helping organizations navigate complex change in the world today.

Bank of America recently awarded a $22 million grant to a study shared by Harris & Harris Group Professor Andrew Lo. In conjunction with the Center for Future Banking, the study will support research into “next-generation analytical models” for banking. Lo was also featured in a Financial Times article discussing his “adaptive market hypothesis.” Merging behavioral and efficient markets theory using Darwinian biology, this new theory stands to offer insight into the circumstances in which markets behave efficiently. Guest writing for CBS News, Assistant Professor Gustavo Manso spoke against over-regulating executive pay, asserting that a growing body of research in economics and finance shows that a mix of long-term incentives and golden parachutes will best spark creativity and innovation.

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