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Alumni News

Innovating Across Industries

Armand FeigenbaumArmand Feigenbaum, PhD ’51

Aura Biosciences, a student startup launched by Zeid Barakat, MBA ’08, and Jordi de los Pinos, MBA ’08, while they attended MIT Sloan, has developed an ingenious new means of delivering cancer-killing drugs to liver tumors and other tumors. Aura's founders are selling a tiny, hollow protein particle developed by scientists at a European cancer research center. That particle, which Aura markets under the name Nanosmart, is an organic envelope that carries chemotherapy drugs directly to cancer cells, which they claim will make treatment safer and more effective.

For the second consecutive year, Ilene Gordon, SM ’76, president and chief executive officer of Alcan Packaging, has been named to Fortune magazine's “International Power 50” list. The rankings recognize the most powerful and influential women executives in international business.

On September 28, 2008, at a dinner held at the White House, Armand Feigenbaum, PhD ’51, was one of eight recipients awarded the National Medal of Technology and Innovation by former President George W. Bush. Armand was honored for his leadership in the development of the economic relationship of quality costs, productivity improvement, and profitability. He was also recognized for his pioneering application of management principles that define The Total Quality Management approach for achieving performance excellence and global competitiveness. The National Medal of Technology and Innovation is the highest honor for technological achievement bestowed by the President of the United States on America's leading innovators.

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