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The Climate Collaboratorium: A New Forum Brings Experts Together to Combat Global Warming

At the very least, non-experts will be able to vote on values questions like how much wealth they’d be willing to sacrifice to stem global warming. They may also be able to weigh in on sticky points like the credibility of the experts who create the climate model. Voters might, for example, say whether they trust the National Academies of Science more than an oil-industry trade association. Likewise, laypeople might be able to give their proxies on complicated questions to experts, allowing, for example, the Union of Concerned Scientists to vote on their behalf on questions relating to the science of global warming.

Malone likens the Climate Collaboratorium to the Manhattan Project, which developed the Allies’ atomic bombs during World War II. As with the Manhattan Project, this effort will have to enlist scientists from around the world to help solve a knotty problem.

“The difference between the Climate Collaboratorium and the Manhattan Project is that this is a problem that everyone in the world needs to solve,” Malone adds. “But because of new technologies like the Internet, it’s possible to enlist far more people than during World War II.”