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Alumni Profile

Bao Lamsam

Sujitpan Bao Lamsam, SM ’87

Board Director, Kasikornbank Public Company

Born in Thailand but educated in Western finance practices at MIT Sloan, Bao Lamsam had the ideal background to help rebuild Thailand's economy after the 1997 Asian financial crisis. Working in San Francisco after her graduation from MIT Sloan, Lamsam felt isolated from the financial services industry in New York City; however, when an opportunity arose to return to Thailand and bring financial stability to her homeland, her strong grounding in global market systems ensured her success.

Lamsam had entered MIT Sloan in 1985 to study financial systems and principles. She was drawn to the opportunity to study with an impressive finance faculty that was defining the field of financial services. Faculty members at the time included Robert Merton, the first to publish a paper on the Black-Scholes Options Model, and John C. Cox, one of the inventors of the Cox-Ingersoll-Ross model on interest rates.

After her first year at the School, Lamsam worked as a summer associate at Goldman Sachs in New York. Although the city was the heart of finance at the time, after graduation, Lamsam relocated to San Francisco to work in a more sales-centered role at Bain & Company, which put her in a unique position to work in financial services in her country of origin.

When the Asian financial crisis of 1997 struck, Lamsam was asked to join Newbridge Capital, a $550 million Asian emerging market fund. As an advisor to the fund, she was responsible for screening and evaluating direct investment opportunities in Thailand, which included her involvement in the bid for a $1.5 billion portfolio of distressed assets. “It was a great opportunity to get back to Asia,” she says. “I was able to bring my knowledge of Western financial methods and combine it with my knowledge and familiarity with Thailand.”

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