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SKOLKOVOThe collaboration between MIT Sloan and SKOLKOVO will emphasize project-based education.

Eastern Promise

MIT Sloan and the recently established Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO have partnered to launch a series of joint programs aimed at strengthening the Russian school's capacity in business education at the international level. This new initiative will also expose MIT Sloan faculty and students to a new range of global developments and challenges.

The collaboration between the School and SKOLKOVO — which will begin to offer Russia's first full-time MBA program when its state-of-the-art campus opens outside of Moscow in fall 2009 — includes classes and other training for SKOLKOVO MBA students in Cambridge and lectures by MIT Sloan faculty at SKOLKOVO. The partnership emphasizes project-based education, which is one of the hallmarks of MIT Sloan and a foundation of the SKOLKOVO approach. The two schools will also collaborate on a “Doing Business in Russia” program.

“The SKOLKOVO effort ties into MIT Sloan's mission, which is to develop principled, innovative leaders who improve the world. Working with SKOLKOVO allows us to share and expand what we have learned about project-based learning and other approaches to management education. They will learn from us, and we will learn from them,” says Dean David Schmittlein.

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