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Staff Profile

Rochelle Weichman

Catching up with Rochelle Weichman

Executive Director of Executive Education

With a background in biomedical engineering and management, Rochelle Weichman has been serving the MIT Sloan community for over 18 years. She began as assistant director of the Management of Technology (MOT) Program and now serves as the executive director of Executive Education. Throughout her varying positions at MIT Sloan, Weichman has forged personal and professional relationships that have helped her shape the School's many academic programs and expand its international footprint.

Share what you know

I thought that I would grow up to be a math teacher, but I ended up going to Tulane University where I completed my bachelor's and master's in biomedical engineering. Then I moved to Boston where I worked for the Food & Drug Administration. After a few years I went to Simmons to get my MBA, where I was the first engineer to go through their program.

After working for small high-tech companies, I joined MIT Sloan in September of 1991 as the assistant director of the Management of Technology (MOT) Program. Within six months, I became the director of the program. When I took over, Ed Roberts said to me, “Look — if any school ever calls you and says, ‘We're interested in starting a MOT program,’ your job is to tell them what you know. The more MOT education there is in the world, the better it is.” That just set my whole tone for being at MIT, which is to share what we know.

Shaping a community

After being director of MOT for about eight years, I worked for the deans. Through this position and my time with MOT, I came to know many of the faculty. I have known some of them since they were graduate students here. While working with the deans, we started asking alumni to work with us as we thought about the future of the programs. I participated in newly launched, continuous improvement teams, as well as two redesigns of the MBA core and the curriculum.

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