Executive Boards

When David Schmittlein became John C Head III Dean in 2007, he identified a need for MIT Sloan to expand its impact and visibility in our increasingly borderless world. More than ever, the challenges and opportunities facing economies worldwide have become intertwined, and it is imperative that the School take a leadership role in disseminating knowledge that is useful now, and will stand the test of time. To accomplish this, Dean Schmittlein envisioned a forum for alumni, friends, and business and governments leaders from around the globe. These leaders would engage in meaningful discourse about the various issues surrounding management education. Thus, four regional executive boards were created.

The mission of the MIT Sloan executive boards is to inform and support meaningful engagement between the School and the world, and to facilitate and encourage regional activity that increases MIT Sloan’s visibility and impact. Led by an alumni chair, and composed of business, government, and institutional leaders, the boards are guided by a commitment to understanding and solving global management issues. Board members also share a deep appreciation for the MIT Sloan School of Management and its mission, to develop principled innovative leaders who improve the world and to generate ideas that advance management practice.

The executive board members’ pursuit of constructive and significant ways for MIT Sloan to engage more broadly and deeply with the world has been tireless. The School acknowledges these dedicated members of the executive boards and in recognition of their work is pleased to share their names with all MIT Sloan alumni.

Meet the Asian Executive Board