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Worldwide Work with Global Impact

Worldwide Work with Global Impact

At MIT Sloan, the importance of global engagement is supported and embraced by the School's extended community.

By Mary Tamer

As Deputy Dean Richard Locke, MIT PhD ’89, explains, MIT Sloan’s broader international strategy stands on three pillars.

The first: concept-based, action learning opportunities, including the Global Entrepreneurship Lab, known as G-Lab, which provides 80 to 90 percent of students a meaningful experience abroad while working with companies and organizations in emerging markets.

The second: faculty research, most of which is internationally based and “fundamentally global” in nature.

And the third: global partnerships with a growing list of countries that include Russia, China, Korea, and Portugal, among others.

“If the mission at MIT Sloan is to develop innovative leaders who improve the world, it would seem to me that to be a truly innovative leader you need global experience and a familiarity with the world,” says Locke, who conceived G-Lab—a combination of classroom learning with a global internship—now in its 10th year. “We know that global exposure takes place not only at the zip code 02139.”

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