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Alumni Profile

Carol Fabbri

Carol Fabbri, SM ’98

Partner, Fair Advisors LLC

  • Recipient of the 2009 TIAW World of Difference Award for her economic empowerment of women
  • Managing Partner of Fair Advisors, LLC—an advisory firm dedicated to reinventing individual investing from a mathematical foundation
  • Active supporter of non-profits including the Women’s Foundation of Colorado and the Cancer Support Community

A skirmish with uterine cancer in 2004 catalyzed Carol Fabbri to refocus her personal mission to empower individuals and improve their relationship with money through education. She had already transitioned from management consulting to financial advising, but her struggle with the disease reenergized her to deepen the direct beneficial impact her work has on people’s lives. Today, she pursues this mission through frequent speaking engagements, webinars, one-to-one conversations, and her writing.

“Many individuals don’t understand how finance can be a tool to achieve their goals,” Fabbri explains. “Everyone is intelligent enough to make the right choices for themselves, but with investments people tend to be their worst enemy.”

Fabbri believes that the biggest roadblocks to making good investment decisions are emotional baggage regarding money and a lack of clarity in the industry—both of which can be improved with financial education. By combining her background in management consulting and the finance education she gained at MIT Sloan, Fabbri replaces people’s preconceived ideas about finance with knowledge and breaks down the psychological barriers hindering good investment choices.

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