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Alumni Profile

Stephen Marcus

Stephen Marcus, MBA ’08

Venture Partner, New Atlantic Ventures

  • Founded and served as CEO of three companies while a junior in college
  • Had one of his companies acquired by a wireless carrier at age 19
  • Served as a co-president of the Venture Capital Private Equity Club while at MIT Sloan

Stephen Marcus began his entrepreneurial career at age 14 when he founded an IT consulting business. He went on to found three more companies in the wireless industry by the time he was 21, and was an angel investor in several other companies before attending MIT Sloan. Although he had 12 years’ experience when he enrolled, the School and its network opened up new opportunities for him in later-stage investing and company evolution.

“Attending MIT Sloan was the best thing I ever did,” says Marcus. Tim Rowe, MBA ’95, founder of the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC), as well as a friend and colleague, recommended that Marcus apply to MIT Sloan.

“I was already familiar with the early-stage life of a company after founding and investing in so many but became enthralled with more later-stage companies,” Marcus says. “I decided to take Finance II in my second year, and I honed my ability to break down financial statements and company valuations, especially public equities. This was one of those ‘Aha!’ moments where I realized that I could leverage nearly a decade and a half of startup experience to turn around and reinvigorate a larger, already established company.”

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