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Alumni Engagement Study shapes programming, events, and information

MIT Sloan students

This past October, more than 50 alumni in Beijing spent an evening with Sloan Management Review Professor Michael A. Cusumano discussing his latest book, Staying Power: Six Enduring Principles for Managing Strategy and Innovation in an Uncertain World.

Cusumano was in China on his book tour at the time, and adding the alumni event to his itinerary is just one example of MIT Sloan Alumni Relations acting on the feedback that our alumni gave the School through the 2009 Alumni Engagement Study—specifically the finding that our alumni desire more direct interaction with faculty. The Alumni Engagement Study was completed in late 2009, and since then the MIT Sloan School of Management has been analyzing the results and including the feedback of our alumni in the short- and long-term planning of programming and in-person and online events.

Beginning in spring 2009, MIT Sloan Alumni Relations began the Alumni Engagement Study by soliciting feedback from the Sloan community at large, including from alumni attending Reunion 2009 and members of the School’s regional Executive Boards. In addition, the study team collaborated with staff and faculty, including the deans and senior leadership of the School, to outline the content that would be included in the study.

“This study is part of a continuing conversation that many of the School’s leaders have been having with our alumni, and that I personally have enjoyed having on my trips when I have met with alumni and with the Executive Boards around the world,” says John C Head III Dean David Schmittlein. “I see significant value in these conversations between the School and our alumni about how we can engage, connect with, and inform our entire alumni community.”

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