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Letter From the Editor

imageEditor Tom Witkowski

Over the last several months, those of us at MIT Sloan who work directly with the School’s alumni have enjoyed a wealth of new insights that have been helping us to better connect the School with you, its graduates.

As many of you know, MIT Sloan conducted an Alumni Engagement Study in the second half of 2009, gathering valuable information to help the School better respond to alumni needs and desires, and to find more ways to strengthen the School’s ties to its alumni. The study results are helping us build on the existing relationships between the School and its graduates, and offer more of the lifelong learning that MIT Sloan alumni find so valuable.

One of the important things we learned, for example, is how much you want to access continuing learning opportunities, faculty research and reports, and the current best practices in management being taught at the School. In direct response to those requests, last spring we created a place on the School’s website where alumni can find faculty research and best practices. The content has been reorganized as Innovative Thinking in the Alumni Portal. Here, you will find the latest news on what our faculty and management leaders are teaching, researching, writing, and publishing. This content is organized into Best Practices, Academic Research, and Books.

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