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Creating new management knowledge

Creating new management knowledge

The research of MIT Sloan’s new and newly tenured professors will influence management for future generations.

From the time of its establishment as a School of Management in 1952, MIT Sloan has remained steadfast in its focus on knowledge creation and groundbreaking research conducted by exceptional faculty who serve as leaders in their respective fields of study.

Nearly 50 years later, the bodies of work produced by today’s new or newly tenured crop of professors at MIT Sloan continue in the tradition of those who came before them. All have made indelible marks, both at MIT Sloan and in the world at large, in their areas of expertise—from negotiations and corporate taxation to the commercialization of science and the study of social networks, to the economics of entrepreneurship and the university-industry research interface.

Each of the five faculty members profiled—Jared Curhan, Michelle Hanlon, Fiona Murray, Ray Reagans, and Scott Stern—carries on the MIT Sloan tradition of conducting cutting-edge research with widespread implications for management practice worldwide. Collectively, they have testified before Congressional committees, written books that have been translated into numerous languages, and served as authors and advisors to students, corporations, think tanks, nongovernmental organizations, and policymakers alike.

Of this esteemed group, one has returned to the School after nine years away, two have been on campus for nearly a decade, and two are relatively new to Cambridge—yet all now hold the distinction of seeing their teaching and research come to fruition on the campus of MIT Sloan.

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