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Innovative Thinking

Alumni Portal chronicles the latest in faculty research, writing, and ideas

MIT Sloan’s Alumni Portal has a new resource, Innovative Thinking, which includes the latest and most transformative MIT Sloan faculty research, books, and explorations of best practices.

As members of the MIT Sloan alumni community, applying the best in management research and practices in your organizations and around the world, you stand to benefit the most from the MIT Sloan faculty’s most recent research, writing, and ideas.

In Innovative Thinking, you’ll find some of the newest and most useful faculty work including: research by Erik Brynjolfsson, The Schussel Family Professor of Management Science, on the “long tail” of niche products sold online; a new study by MIT and MIT Sloan professors exploring collective intelligence among groups of people; and Sloan Management Review Professor in Management Michael A. Cusumano’s new book, Staying Power: Six Enduring Principles for Managing Strategy and Innovation in an Uncertain World.

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