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Alumni Profile

Emilio Sardi

Emilio Sardi, SM ’66

Executive Vice President, Tecnoquímicas S.A.

  • Won the title of Colombian Amateur Golf National Champion in 1969 and low amateur in the 1970 and 1978 Colombian Opens
  • Helped to establish Tecnoquímicas S.A. as one of the largest companies in Colombia
  • Is working to bring the seedless table grapes crop to Colombia

Emilio Sardi was a 16-year-old from Cali, Colombia, when he entered MIT as an undergraduate. Six years later, he held both bachelor and master degrees in industrial management from MIT Sloan. His MIT Sloan experience propelled him into a career that spanned the metallurgical industry, the pharmaceuticals industry, and, most recently, the wine business.

After graduating from MIT Sloan, Sardi returned to his hometown of Cali to assist his father, an established entrepreneur. Over the next 10 years, he worked in a computer center (an emerging technology at the time), managed department stores, built furniture, and managed a die-casting plant that made, among other things, automobile parts.

During the time he worked with his father, Sardi also pursued his passion for golf. He had played the sport since the age of 12, and honed his skill at MIT on the Institute’s golf team. After returning to Colombia, he began playing competitive amateur golf, in 1969 winning the title of Colombian Amateur Golf National Champion. In 1970, he was part of a team that took the South American Championship; and in 1976, he was part of a South American team that played against Europe.

In 1978, Sardi left his father’s businesses to join Tecnoquímicas S.A., a Colombian corporation heavily invested in the pharmaceuticals industry. At Tecnoquímicas, he started out managing a soap-manufacturing plant. By 1980, he was the vice president of pharmaceuticals. Sardi found that his MIT Sloan education was especially helpful in keeping his bearings as he transitioned to pharmaceuticals.

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