Press Source: Associated Press

Europe plan for floating gas terminals raises climate fears

"Building this immense LNG infrastructure will lock the world into continued reliance on fossil fuels and continued climate damage for decades."

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Press Source: The Washington Post

The U.S. plan to avoid extreme climate change is running out of time

"The current official U.S. targets are ambitious. They are also necessary to create a prosperous, healthy climate."

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Press Source: The Hill (Opinion Piece)

'Cash for Clunkers' can cut gas prices, climate change – and Putin's inc...

A 'Cash for Clunkers' (C4C) program would speed vehicle retirement, cut U.S. oil consumption, and help achieve our climate goals.

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Press Source: The Economy, Land & Climate Podcast

Why bioenergy increases CO2 emissions even more than burning coal

John Sterman discusses his groundbreaking research that proved burning wood for energy will "increase atmospheric CO2 for at least a century."

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