Press Source: Bloomberg Law (Opinion Piece)

AI will profit from artists, but new 'learnright' laws could help

Recent generative AI systems are raising questions about whether US copyright laws provide enough protection for content creators.

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Press Source: Fortune

A.I. is not sentient – but we should treat it as such

Collective intelligence comes from a "supermind" that should include both humans and A.I. systems.

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Press Source: Talking Feds Podcast

The future of office work with the author of "Superminds"

Host Harry Litman speaks with Thomas Malone about the post-COVID future of workplaces and technology and his most recent book, "Superminds.”

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Press Source: Bloomberg Baystate Business (Audio)

Baystate Business

"There are a lot of jobs and more and more every day in our new economy that really can be done, for the most part, from anywhere.”

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