Press Source: MIT Sloan Management Review (Opinion Piece)

The collective intelligence of remote teams

"It's not where we work that matters the most; it's how the work is done and who is doing it."

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Press Source: Forbes

Collective intelligence is about to disrupt your strategy: Are you ready...

Today, what is the most intelligent species on our planet? According to Thomas Malone, the smartest entity ever known is groups of people.

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Press Source: The Boston Globe | Ideas

Craving connection in 'neighborhood office buildings'

“It's clearly desirable for people to have their office as close to their house as long as it's not in their house.”

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Press Source: Fast Company

Zoom calls can be too formal. These alternatives encourage casual chatti...

Minglr, an open-source tool from a team led by Tom Malone, is designed to connect attendees at virtual conferences for brief video conversations.

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