Press Source: Freakonomics | MD (Podcast)

Who pays for multimillion-dollar miracle cures?

"If you combine multiple diseases into a single financial portfolio, all of a sudden the risk-reward trade off becomes more attractive."

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Press Source: Forbes

Innovative solutions to cancer require innovative finance: Cancer Moonsh...

"We need the private sector to put in billions to match the hundreds of millions that the government has dedicated to this effort."

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Press Source: Endpoints News

An MIT professor's rare disease quest ripples throughout biotech

"We all want to have impact. But very few economists are able to do anything that would actually affect patient lives."

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Press Source: The Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance (Opinion Piece)

Social contagion and the survival of diverse investment styles

"There is evidence of social contagion of investment behavior in financial markets that does not derive from rational information processing."

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