Press Source: The Boston Globe | Ideas

Craving connection in 'neighborhood office buildings'

“It's clearly desirable for people to have their office as close to their house as long as it's not in their house.”

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Press Source: Fast Company

Zoom calls can be too formal. These alternatives encourage casual chatti...

Minglr, an open-source tool from a team led by Tom Malone, is designed to connect attendees at virtual conferences for brief video conversations.

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Press Source: MIT Technology Review

Remote workers want to re-create those watercooler moments, virtually

Tom Malone refused to believe that water-cooler conversations were dead, so he developed Minglr, an open source meeting software.

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Press Source: Quartz

Water cooler moments don't have to disappear in the virtual workplace

“The most important part of conferences by far is what happens in the hallways,” he said, “not what happens in the meeting rooms.”

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