Press Source: MIT Technology Review

Remote workers want to re-create those watercooler moments, virtually

Tom Malone refused to believe that water-cooler conversations were dead, so he developed Minglr, an open source meeting software.

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Press Source: Quartz

Water cooler moments don't have to disappear in the virtual workplace

“The most important part of conferences by far is what happens in the hallways,” he said, “not what happens in the meeting rooms.”

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Press Source: AiThority

MIT Sloan creates "Minglr"

“I think ad-hoc interactions...are among the most important things that people miss in today's work-from-home environment.”

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Press Source: HIT Infrastructure

New online collaboration platform aims to solve COVID-19 problems

Thomas Malone says: “An online platform like this allows us to create a community to harness the collective intelligence..."

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