Press Source: ZDNet (Video)

The threat from hackers is getting worse – and ignorance isn't an excuse...

“We have found that the number and magnitude of breaches has been increasing. So the trend is clearly in the wrong direction.”

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Press Source: Harvard Business Review (Opinion Piece)

Navigating cybersecurity risks in international trade

" ... digital products sold across borders are subject to increased scrutiny and controls, and can be targeted for bans ... by host governments."

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Press Source: Inc.

How to protect yourself from ransomware attacks, according to cybersecur...

"The trouble is that a determined attacker will find a way in. ... You need cyber fire drills so ... you're prepared.”

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Press Source: CNBC (Video)

Gas station owners sue Colonial Pipeline after ransomware attack

"It's the hackers who are the bad guys...the question that is raised with this is what liabilities, what responsibilities does Colonial have?"

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