Press Source: NBC News

Rust? Trains? Why clean energy is turning to exotic ideas to fix its sto...

"We're all trying to think about a system where there is no natural gas … In that world, batteries are going to become important, or necessary.”

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Press Source: NPR | The Indicator from Planet Money (Podcast)

Taxes, oil prices and why we're all quitting our jobs: Indicators of the...

"...the markets think that there will be sustained demand for oil for quite some time."

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Press Source: The New York Times

Electric cars are coming. How long until they rule the road?

“It would not shock me if the transition eventually starts accelerating."

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Press Source: Wired

Should governments slap a tax on plastic?

A carbon tax's externality is catastrophic climate change, and a plastic tax's is runaway pollution. “That is the cost society faces.”

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