Press Source: CBS News (Video)

Chinese President Xi Jinping visits Hong Kong to mark 25th anniversary o...

Prof. Yasheng Huang joins CBS News to discuss the significance of the Chinese leader's visit.

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Press Source: Marketplace (Audio)

China's zero-COVID policy is sending ripples through the world economy

"Americans are buying more physical products as opposed to services, and many of these physical products are coming from China."

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Press Source: Foreign Policy (Opinion Piece) (Subscription Required)

What lessons does China take from Putin's war?

U.S. officials have declared they are watching China's actions closely. ... What matters is not what China says but what it does.

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Press Source: Project Syndicate (Opinion Piece)

China's moment of decision

"The question is whether this relatively neutral stance by China could prove crucial to preventing further dangerous military escalation.”

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