Press Source: Quartz

Elon Musk just bought $100 million in publicity for the carbon capture i...

Since the 16th century, vaccines, lifeboats, and a method to calculate longitude at sea all emerged from prize competitions.

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Press Source: MIT Sloan Management Review (Opinion Piece)

What a crisis teaches us about innovation

"Understanding why it’s easier to develop new ideas and drive change during an emergency can help leaders the absence of a crisis."

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Press Source: INSEAD | Knowledge

Can Zoom be a tool for teaching anti-racism?

In recent years, we have been heartened to see DEI [diversity, equity and inclusion] being gradually institutionalized within business academia.

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Press Source: WTNH-TV (Video)

New COVID-19 modeling data predicts numbers in Connecticut into August, ...

“Now we know that this is happening clearly we have to update our models. We'll probably know in the next few weeks.” says [Prof.] Fiona Murray

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