Press Source: The Wall Street Journal | The Experts | Leadership (Opinion Piece)

Why small cybersecurity decisions can expose companies to cyberattacks

"Unless organizations study the 'why,' the circumstances that made the cyberattack possible won't be addressed."

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Press Source: Harvard Business Review (Opinion Piece)

What Russia's ongoing cyberattacks in Ukraine suggest about the future o...

"The era of nuclear testing may now be over, but the age of cyber warfare is just beginning."

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Press Source: ABC News

Shields up: How a possible cyberattack could affect Americans and how to...

Stuart Madnick warned that cyberattacks on the Ukrainian computer systems could potentially spill over to other regions.

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Press Source: Communiciations of the ACM (Opinion Piece)

Bursting a few balloons regarding the famous DARPA red balloon challenge

"It is timely to reflect back on the DARPA Network Challenge in 2009 … some important details have not previously been reported.”

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