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MIT Professor Eric So on meme-stock mania

"From a practical perspective it's going to be very hard to rein in some of this retail trading in a meaningful way."

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Why do intelligent people always wear the same clothes?

Bob Pozen, author of the book "Extreme Productivity," emphasizes that the average person makes between 10,000 to 40,000 decisions a day.

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Press Source: Time Magazine

Big tech companies were investors in smaller AI labs. Now they're rivals

As the technical feasibility and commercial utility of training larger models has evolved, it has become more attractive to Microsoft and Amazon.

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Press Source: Financial Times

How to get big numbers when predicting AI's effect on growth

"Some uncertainty is of course healthy," says Daron Acemoglu of the change brought on by AI, since "we are at the very, very beginning of it."

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Press Source: Bloomberg

The images that boost support for sustainable transportation

A new study found that showing AI-generated images of a less car-reliant American city boosted support for sustainable transportation policies.

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Is Google trying to buy HubSpot? Here's why it might not happen.

HubSpot has grown from a small online-marketing firm into a public company offering a broad suite of business apps.

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Over 2.6 billion personal records exposed over past two years, Apple rep...

The digital landscape is grappling with an alarming surge in data breaches, as revealed in a recent report by professor Stuart Madnick.

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Why China provides evidence for optimists and pessimists alike

Yasheng Huang insists that all China has done is repurpose Western technology, because entrenched Chinese traditions constrain innovation.

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What's behind the success of some tech start-ups?

Andrew McAfee explains why business leaders need to think more like geeks and why it's important to center your culture on company norms.

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Tech Power Players 50 | 2024

The Tech Power Players 50 ranking features leaders who make New England's technology scene vibrant and vital. 8 MIT Sloan affiliates are included

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