Press Source: Financial Times (Subscription Required)

Economist Daron Acemoglu: 'When mistakes involve powerful technologies, ...

"Technological progress is the most important driver of human flourishing but what we tend to forget is that the process is not automatic."

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Press Source: Sports Business Journal (Opinion Piece)

Storytelling can sustain the spotlight for women's sports

“Women’s sports enjoy a unique storytelling advantage. They can give audiences the thrill of discovery."

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Press Source: The Wall Street Journal (Subscription Required) (Opinion Piece)

How AI will change the workplace

"By getting access to companies' internal emails and nonpublic reports, hackers can use AI to generate very convincing messages."

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Press Source: MIT Sloan Management Review (Opinion Piece) (Subscription Required)

When doing less adds up to more

"At most companies we've worked with, the people in upstream functions rarely considered the impact their decisions would have on the front line.

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Press Source: Ekathimerini (Greece)

Users start innovating for themselves

“Companies need to modify their search process so that they also look for prototype innovations that users have developed for their own needs."

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Press Source: Forbes

Why do legacy college admissions still exist?

Legacy graduates (and their families) were seven times as likely to make high-dollar donations as non-legacies.

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Press Source: BioSpace

Pharma's biggest losses: Once-dropped drugs make lucrative comebacks

The decision to license or sell a drug depends on profitability, strategic mission, and whether a company “believes” in the science of a drug.

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Press Source: Wired

Should you get paid for teaching a chatbot to do your job?

“Now data can be used to solve other people's problems ... I think it's really important to find a way to measure and compensate that.”

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Press Source: Los Angeles Times (Subscription Required) (Opinion Piece)

The writers' strike is partly about AI. They're right to worry

"We need a pivot ... toward a focus on 'machine usefulness,' the idea that computers should primarily enhance human capabilities."

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Press Source: National Mortgage News (Registration Required) (Opinion Piece)

No, FHFA is not encouraging a race to the bottom

"It seems that FHFA pricing changes were well considered."

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