Press Source: Harvard Gazette

Like all true love stories, this one comes with heartache

"We develop emotional relationships with street-level markets like Harvard Square."

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Press Source: Vox

The first results from the world's biggest basic income experiment

The long-term monthly recipients are happiest of all, and "they know it's going to be there for 12 years. It provides mental health benefits."

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Press Source: The Economist

The best books of 2023, as chosen by The Economist

In his book, "The Geek Way," Andrew McAfee explains how the mindset that inspires Silicon Valley could be applied in life and in other fields.

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Press Source: Wirtschaftsdienst

COP28: Strategic climate cooperation

"While individual nations bear the full costs of their climate policies the benefits accrue to the global community."

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Press Source: Financial Times

Food and farming rise up the agenda at COP28

Andrey Zarur compares traditional pesticides to "carpet bombing." His solution is akin to using "sniper shots to deal with pests on our fields."

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Press Source: Los Angeles Times

OpenAI's drama marks a new and scary era in artificial intelligence

"This elite will now impose their vision for technology on the rest of humanity. Most of us will not enjoy the consequences."

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Press Source: FedScoop

How one national lab is getting its supercomputers ready for the AI age

"There's this incredibly predictive relationship between the amount of computing you use in an AI system and how well you can do."

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Press Source: Harvard Gazette

AI may be just what the dentist ordered

"AI will become the predominant methodology for predictions and decision-making across all fields."

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Press Source: Lean Blog Interviews Podcast

Wiring the winning organization: Authors Steven J. Spear and Gene Kim

Senior lecturer Steve Spear, co-author of "Wiring the Winning Organization" discusses his new book.

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Press Source: The Hill

Tipping into the danger zone — we need to learn more about climate tippi...

"We need a clear, sober and concerted scientific effort to understand the risks posed by exceeding tipping points."

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