The Eivind Lange (1981) and Mary Puma (1981) Fellowship

The Eivind Lange (1981) and Mary Puma (1981) Fellowship

Lange and Puma Web2For Mary Puma and Eivind Lange, MIT Sloan is definitely a family affair. It’s where the couple met as members of the Class of 1981. It’s where her father completed the Sloan Fellows program in 1965. And it’s where their son Chris began this fall as a member of the Class of 2018.

Even when there is not a relative physically on the MIT Sloan campus, the family’s connection to the School remains strong.  Mary and Eivind have been longstanding contributors to the annual fund, and donated to E62 in the form of a named study room.  Most recently, they established a fellowship, the Eivind Lange (1981) and Mary Puma (1981) Fellowship, to provide unrestricted support to meet MIT Sloan’s most important need.

“Eivind and I feel like we got an excellent education at MIT Sloan, which provided us with great career and networking opportunities – and also put us in a position where we are able to give back,” explains Mary.

“MIT Sloan has made a real difference in our lives,” adds Eivind. “Mary and I enjoy coming back to campus. There’s such a positive energy to the School. Also, our closest group of friends are our Sloan classmates. We get together with them often. Our Sloan experience has truly become a part of who we are.”

Although the School has changed a great deal since their days on campus, Mary and Eivind believe it’s all been for the better. “It’s grown amazingly in terms of class size and program offerings. And, the facilities are world class,” says Mary. “We are so glad to have the chance to give back, especially since Sloan graduates are setting a course for the future.”