Global Diversity Fellowship Supporters

Global Diversity Fellowship Supporters

Donors: Martin Y Tang, SM ’72; Florence GM ‘04 and Andy Gong; Kenneth Hui GM ‘99, MBA ’99; Robert Mao GM ‘72, Ren Wang MBA ‘99

While generations of MIT students live and learn in buildings named in honor of the Tang family, the Tang family’s philanthropic commitments to the Institute extend far beyond bricks and mortar. They are equally passionate about helping people build better lives by giving them access to an exceptional MIT education.

In the tradition of his family, Martin Tang, SM ’72, has donated the seed funding to establish a new fellowship fund for MIT Sloan, the Global Diversity Fellowship. The Fellowship enables MIT Sloan to continue to attract and support deserving top-level scholars, as well as the means to prepare them to become the next generation of global leaders.

“Our family is grateful for the open system of education in the United States, and to MIT in particular,” says Tang. “My grandfather, Ping Yuan Tang” (Class of 1923), received a Boxer Rebellion Redemption Scholarship, which enabled him to attend the Institute. Because of the connections he made in the US, he had no hesitation in sending my father, Jack C. Tang (Class of 1949) to MIT. The rest, as they say, is history. I received my SM in 1972, and our son, Christopher, earned his MBA from MIT Sloan in 2014.  Scholarships have been a way for us to express our gratitude.  I hope this fellowship will enable the best, brightest, and most principled MBA candidates to attend MIT Sloan.”

Tang offered the initial pledge as a challenge to motivate other donors to provide fellowship support to MIT Sloan. Enter Florence Gong, Kenneth Hui, Robert Mao, and Ren Wang, all of whom were inspired by Tang’s generosity, as well as by their personal bonds with MIT Sloan.

Fellow donor Ren Wang quickly understood the value the Fellowship’s monetary support will have for students from developing countries.  “Applying to a top US business school from China was not easy in the late 1990s; the tuition cost was multiple times the annual income for a young professional from China,” explains Wang. “The research assistant position I obtained from MIT made it possible for me to attend Sloan.  My own experience is testament to what a difference this kind of resource makes for students. I’m very happy to contribute to the Global Diversity Fellowship and help others gain their own life-changing experiences from MIT Sloan.”

A commitment to contribute to the betterment of others is a common thread that runs through this special group of donors, as does the desire for future students to use their world-class education to make a positive impact on the world.

“I view it as a priority in my life to help others,” says Florence Gong. “I’ve loved MIT Sloan since my terrific experiences as a student.  I trust that the School will make good use of this important fellowship.”

Adds Robert Mao, “My MIT Sloan experience has proven what an excellent management education can contribute to personal development, as well as to the creation of value for institutions and people across the globe.”

Kenneth Hui is also grateful for the opportunity the Fellowship has given him to fulfill his personal philanthropic goals. “Throughout my professional career I’ve witnessed how valuable philanthropy can be to schools. Now, with the Global Diversity Fellowship, comes my opportunity to make a meaningful impact for my school,” explains Hui.  “It is a privilege to join Martin Tang in establishing this new fellowship to attract and support top talent and prepare them to be the next generation of global leaders. I look forward to seeing this fellowship grow exponentially in the years to come.”