Come home to MIT Sloan, wherever you are.

In the MIT Sloan community, an uncommon thread links us: our shared mission to make a better world. Please join us for an event in a city near you to celebrate MIT Sloan’s ideas made to matter, and get a glimpse of the future we can create together.

As part of MIT’s Campaign for a Better World series, events will be hosted by Dean David Schmittlein. Space is limited—please find your local event below and reserve your spot today.

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São Paulo

Join us for an uncommon evening of discovery and celebration.

You’re invited to an event that celebrates MIT Sloan’s ideas made to matter, honors our leaders tackling the world’s toughest problems, and reveals a vision for the future we can create together. Help us celebrate work that upends convention and drives meaningful impact in and for the world.

Wednesday, September 13
Hotel Unique
Av. Brigadeiro Luís Antônio | 4700 – Jardim Paulista
São Paulo | Brazil | 01402-002
8:00 – 10:30 p.m.
$25 per person

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To learn more about our featured speakers, click here.

Ezequiel D. Badgen, MBA ’16  •  Ricardo Betti, SM ’86  •  Rodolfo H. Fischer, SM ’90  •  Maria Alice Frontini, MOT ’99  •
Hans Lin, MBA ’98  •  Ricardo V. Marino, MBA ’00  •  Adriana Maria Norena, MOT ’00  •  Gustavo A. Pierini, SM ’87  •  Marcelo B. Saad, SM ’91  •  Din Shih, SM ’93

Upcoming Cities

We look forward to coming to a city near you! Stay tuned for more details.

Fall 2017:
Singapore – October 17
London – December 7

Past Cities

San Francisco | San Francisco Museum of Modern Art | March 29, 2017

Host Committee:

Vernon E. Altman, SB ’73, SM ’73
Martha S. Amram, PhD ’87
Sean Bonawitz, MBA ’13
Jean S. Elliott, MBA ’97
Jason Richard Escamilla, MBA ’02
Anjuli Gupta, MBA ’09
Rachel Marie Hassas, MBA ’15

Andrew Henwood, MBA ’07
William J. Hilliard, SM ’84
Peter A. Kuykendall, MBA ’97
Emmanuel P. Maceda, SM ’89
Rachel Patterson, MBA ’15
Young K. Sohn, SM ’83


A Better World is Our Business San Francisco Storify

NorCal: A Better World is Our Business

New York City | Gotham Hall | April 13, 2017

Host Committee:

Anesha Agarwal, MBA ’16
Mariafrancesca Carli, SM ’92
William Fellows, MBA ’06
Bennett W. Golub, SB ’78, SM ’82, PhD ’84
Ronald A. Kurtz, SB ’54, SB ’59, SM ’60
Stacey J. Levy, MBA ’97
Georgia S. Melenikiotou, SM ’84
Victor J. Menezes, SM ’72

Laurence J. Nath, SM ’88
Lisa Marie Schirf, MBA ’02
Yiting Shen, MBA ’07
Rora Tanaka, EMBA ’14
John A. Thain, SB ’77
Raymond S. Wood III, SM ’90
Francisco Eduardo Varela, MBA ’99


A Better World is Our Business New York City Storify

NYC: A Better World is our Business

Boston | Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston | April 24, 2017

Host Committee:

Zeid A. Barakat, MBA ’08
Gary L. Bergstrom, PhD ’68
Rachel J. Carter, MBA ’11
Tanguy Catlin, SM ’04
Stephen P. DeFalco SB ’83, SM ’88
Joanna M. Eldridge, SM ’93
Samuel Epee-Bounya, MBA ’03
John Joseph Ghirardelli, Jr., MBA ’14
Jonathan B. Green, SB ’77, MOT ‘93
Jean Hammond, SM ’86
David G. Hill, SM ’67
eter Honkanen, SM ’03
Paula Stick Horowitz, MBA ’95
Sarah Day Kalloch, MBA ’16

Robert C. Ketterson Jr., SM ’90
Nina G. Lytton, SM ’84
Elizabeth Magruder, MBA ’09
Joseph Leo Martin, MBA ’13
Warren J. Naphtal, SM ’85 and Mary S. Naphtal, SM ’86
Robert Pozen
Ellen M. Rizika, MBA ’98
Andy Alan Rubinson, MBA ’02
Jeffrey L. Shames, SM ’83
Din Shih, SM ’93
Rachel Theran-Teixeira, MBA ’03
Nicolas A. Vegas, SM ’93
Taylor Reid Yates, MBA ’14


A Better World is Our Business Boston Storify

BOS: A Better World is our Business