• Recruiter’s Guide

    Whether it’s in a classroom or a boardroom, MIT Sloan students come to the table with innovative ideas and a collaborative work style. Equipped with the latest management theories, valuable field experience, and superb analytical skills, they are ready to tackle any business challenge. And they do so in a down-to-earth manner. Carefully selected for their leadership potential, academic and professional accomplishments, and collaborative spirit, MIT Sloan students are principled, personable, and professional.

    Here are some helpful strategies for maximizing your recruiting efforts:

    Use the MIT Sloan Career Development Office for all stages of planning. We recognize that every firm is different, and we want to help you develop a successful recruiting strategy that meets your needs. If you would like to learn more about best practices and recruiting strategies within your industry, please call our recruiting team.

    Get involved in career education opportunities. MIT Sloan offers workshops and seminars on a variety of career-related topics, including writing cover letters and resumes, case preparation, networking, and interviewing. Students value employers’ expertise on these topics, and the recruiting team welcomes your participation in our programs. It is a great way for you to build visibility on campus and get to know our students.

    Tailor your message to our students. Company presentations are most effective when they include information relevant to the positions for which you are hiring and involve representatives who know the School well.

    Choose enthusiastic, personable presenters who are excited about recruiting for your organization.

    Involve your employees and executives who are MIT Sloan alumni in the recruiting process in order to engage students and make your company stand out. Students are always interested to know about MIT Sloan alumni who work in your organization.

    Take a personalized approach when posting jobs to our database. See Job posting guidelines.

    Understand your firm’s hiring policy

    It is important that all members of your recruiting team understand your hiring policy either for your organization or for a particular business unit, if they are different. Please let us know what your work authorization requirements are so we can help make certain that students have accurate information when they are applying for job opportunities.