Our mission is to provide students with opportunities to learn about potential career options, teach them the skills needed to market themselves successfully to the professional marketplace, and maximize their employment opportunities.

We expect each student to be the primary stakeholder in his/her own career development process. Partnering with students, employers and the greater MIT Sloan community, the CDO is dedicated to making MIT Sloan “the place” to recruit in the professional marketplace. For students, we will:

  • Provide the best preparation for the professional job search. This preparation will be timely and specific; it will teach you to be self-reliant, while providing you with concrete information, ideas and/or leads.
  • Maximize employment opportunities. While continuing to provide a first-class traditional recruiting operation, the CDO will develop new and innovative ways to connect students with potential employers.

For employers, we will:

  • Provide the best prepared and most professional candidates.
  • Provide personalized, pro-active, flexible and professional service(s).
  • Assist employers in their efforts to effectively recruit our students.

For the MIT Sloan community, we will:

  • Be a full partner in the development of employer relationships on behalf of MIT Sloan.
  • Be a resource for faculty, staff, and alumni, as well as students and employers, in connecting to the business world.
  • Be a full partner in the professional development of MIT Sloan students.

Biotech courses, clubs, and conferences give MIT Sloan students access to the booming biotechnology network in Cambridge/Boston, the international hub of biotech.