Standing With Our Black and Asian Communities

MIT Sloan finds its strength in its diversity. We stand with our community of color and invite all members of our community to use their voices as we work together to dismantle systemic racism.

A Letter to the MIT Sloan Community from Dean Schmittlein

Smart Enough to Know We're Smarter Together

Statement of support from Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Ray Reagans and Associate Dean for Innovation and Inclusion Fiona Murray:

We applaud the members of the Black Business Students Association at MIT Sloan in their efforts to bring us together as a community. We are a community struggling to find its voice during these difficult times. Unsure of what is appropriate to say. How can we comfortably talk about race and inequality? We cannot. But these are the difficult conversations a viable community must be able to have.  

We view our new platform as an opportunity to give voice to members of our community who want to be heard and who wish to share in a conversation. We do not presume to be the voice for any one community at MIT Sloan. We have a megaphone. We want you to use it. You should know we stand by you. We listen to your advice. We act on your behalf.