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Gamarnik, David Professor of Operations Research Applied math; Applied probability; Decision making, decision support; Disaster recovery; Healthcare operations management; Mathematical programming; Operations research; Optimal control; Optimization; Probability, applied; Stochastic modeling (617) 253-7779
Giardella, Daena Lecturer, MIT Leadership Center (617) 715-4842
Gibbons, Robert Professor of Applied Economics Alliances; Human resource management (617) 253-0283
Giroud, Xavier Assistant Professor of Finance (617) 324-3901
Gosline, Renee Assistant Professor of Marketing Advertising; Advertising; Brand management; Branding; Caribbean; Competition; Consumer behavior; Consumer marketing; Consumer packaged goods; Consumer products, marketing; Intellectual property; Luxury; Luxury; Market research; Marketing; Marketing communication; Marketing strategy; Positioning; Product loyalty; Signaling; Trust-based marketing (617) 452-4303
Granja, Joao Assistant Professor of Accounting (617) 324-7297
Grant, John Senior Lecturer, International Action Learning Programs (G-Lab, China/India Lab, GO-Lab) (617) 324-4373
Graves, Stephen Professor of Operations Management, Leaders for Global Operations and Engineering Systems Inventory; Logistics; Manufacturing systems; Optimization; Supply chain management (617) 253-6602
Gregersen, Hal Senior Lecturer Executive Director, MIT Leadership Center Innovation and Creativity; Inquiry-based Leadership; Leadership Development Through the Arts; Social and Innovation and Change; Theory and Practice of Questioning; Transformational Change (617) 324-4951
Gregory, Nathaniel Senior Lecturer in Finance (617) 324-7312
Guerrero, Isabel Senior Lecturer
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Hadzima, Joseph Senior Lecturer, Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship $100K Entrepreneurship competition; Angel investing; Benefits and compensation; Business education; Business plans; CEO compensation; Conflicts of interest; Corporate governance; Emerging businesses; Entrepreneurial finance; Entrepreneurial management; Entrepreneurship / New ventures; Executive pay; High technology companies; Innovation; Intellectual property; Intellectual property law; Intellectual property strategy; Law; Management of technology; New ventures; Non-profits; Patents; Private equity; Research and development; Sarbanes-Oxley compliance; Securities and Exchange Commission; Software; Startups; Stock options; Venture capital (617) 475-6009
Hafrey, Leigh Senior Lecturer, Communication and Ethics Business education; Business ethics; Career development; Change management; Changing workforce; China; Communication practices; Conflict management; Conflicts of interest; Cross-cultural awareness; Cultural differences; Diversity; E-mail; Employee motivation; Employment relations; Ethics; Family business; Family issues; Gender issues, workplace; Human resource management; Human rights; International communication; Leadership; Managerial change; Managerial communication; Managing diversity; MBA; Negotiation and conflict resolution; Organizational communication; Organizational communication; Values in the professions; Work / Family issues; Writing and presentation skills (617) 258-0266
Halligan, Brian Senior Lecturer
Hanlon, Michelle Professor of Accounting Accounting Fraud; Accounting-Domestic; Accounting-International; Book-Tax conformity; Dividend policy; Domestic; Financial Reporting; Fraud; International; International Tax; Reporting; Tax Policy; Taxation (617) 253-9849
Hartman, Neal Senior Lecturer, Managerial Communication Asia; B-school; Business education; Business ethics; Change management; China; Communication practices; Conflict management; Corporate social responsibility; Cross-cultural awareness; Cultural differences; Diversity; E-mail; Electronic communication; Ethics; Gender issues, workplace; Globalization; Hiring; International communication; International management; Korea; Leadership; Managerial communication; Managing change; Managing diversity; Motivation; Negotiation and conflict resolution; Organizational communication; Organizational culture; Taiwan; Teams; United Kingdom; Writing and presentation skills (617) 253-8624
Hauser, John Professor of Marketing Bayesian statistics; Branding; Consumer behavior; Consumer marketing; Consumer measurement; Consumer products, marketing; Customer satisfaction; Innovation; Market research; Marketing; Positioning; Probability, applied; Product development and design; Product loyalty; Sampling; Statistics; Trust-based marketing; Virtual customer; Web-based marketing (617) 253-2929
Hax, Arnoldo Professor of Technological Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Strategic Management Corporate strategy and policy; International management; Latin America; Operations management (617) 253-4930
Heagney, Terence Lecturer, Managerial Communication Intellectual property; Managerial communication; Media; Public relations; Publishing; Writing and presentation skills (617) 258-0393
Healy-Tangney, Virginia Senior Lecturer, Managerial Communication (617) 324-4021
Hengen, Nicolene Lecturer
Holmstrom, Bengt (617) 253-0506
Homer, Jack Research Affiliate
Huang, Yasheng Professor of Global Economics and Management and Associate Dean for International Programs and Action Learning Asia; China; Developing countries; Emerging markets; Environmental policy; Foreign investment; Global economics; Global entrepreneurship; Globalization; Government; Hong Kong; India; International management; International trade; Investment, foreign; Korea; Political economy; Singapore; Southeast Asia; Taiwan; Thailand (617) 253-9768
Hynes, Tod Lecturer, Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship $100K Entrepreneurship competition; Angel investing; Business plans; Elevator pitch; Emerging businesses; Entrepreneurial management; Entrepreneurship / New ventures; Innovation; New ventures; Startups; Technological innovation (617) 253-8653

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