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Madnick, Stuart Professor, Information Technology and Engineering Systems Big data; China; Cloud computing; Cyber security; Data management; Digitization; Dodd-Frank Act; Enterprise information systems; Facebook; Financial information technology; Financial reporting; Global standards; Healthcare exchanges; Information technology; Intellectual property; Intellectual property; Internet security; Legacy information systems; Management of information technology; MOOCs; Singapore; Social media; Social networks; Social networks; Sociotechnical system; Sociotechnical system; Technology security; United Arab Emirates (617) 253-6671
Magnanti, Thomas Professor, Operations Research Operations research; Optimization (617) 253-6604
Malenko, Andrey Associate Professor, Finance Auctions; Bankruptcy; Capital budgeting; Contracting; Corporate finance; Corporate governance; Investment analysis; Investment policy; Mergers and acquisitions; Private equity; Valuation (617) 225-9301
Malone, Thomas Professor, Information Technology Artificial intelligence; Business process modeling; Business process modeling; Changing work environments; Changing work environments; Changing workforce; Climate change; Climate policy; Cross-sectoral collaboration; Crowdsourcing; Digital economy; Digitalization; Digitization; eBay; eBay; eBusiness; eCommerce; eGovernment; Electronic commerce; Electronic communication; Future of work; Gamification; Global climate change; Global warming; Google; Groupware; Industrial organization; Information systems; Information technology; Internet; Knowledge management; Leadership; MOOCs; MOOCs; Online education; Online education; Open source software; Organizational communications; Organizational design and performance; Organizational psychology; Organizations; Social networks; Social networks; Social psychology; Teams; Telecommuting; Virtual teams and organizations; Wikipedia; Wikipedia (617) 253-6843
Matveyev, Egor Visiting Assistant Professor, Finance Canada; Capital market; Compensation; Corporate Finance; Corporate Governance; Director Compensation; Director Labor Markets; Executive Compensation; Initial Public Offerings (IPOs); Mergers and acquisitions; Senior Executive Labor Markets (617) 258-0879
Mazumder, Rahul Assistant Professor, Operations Research and Statistics (617) 253-2652
McKersie, Robert Institute for Work and Employment Research Industrial relations; Interest based negotiations; Organizational change (617) 253-2671
Meldman, Jeffrey Senior Lecturer, Law Intellectual property law; Intellectual property law; Intellectual property laws; Patents; Privacy issues (617) 253-4932
Mende, Paul Senior Lecturer, Finance (617) 715-4835
Merton, Robert Professor, Finance 401K; Arbitrage pricing theory; Asset management; Asset pricing; Contagion; Derivatives; Finance; Financial engineering; Financial institutions; Financial markets; Financial services; Functional finance; Governmental financial institutions; Options; Options pricing valuation; Pension funds; Pensions; Portfolio choice; Portfolio design and management; Portfolio theory; Retirement finance; Retirement planning; Risk management; Risk management (617) 715-4866
Michaels, Harvey Lecturer, System Dynamics and Information Technology (617) 253-2084
Milstein, Robert Visiting Scientist Action learning; Executive Education; Healthcare; Healthcare industry; Innovative thinking; Investment policy; New venture development; Organizational change; Simulation; Sociotechnical system; Strategic planning; Strategy; Sustainable design; System dynamics; System dynamics; United States
Murray, Fiona Associate Dean for Innovation & Co-Director MIT Innovation Initiative Accelerators; Business plans; Competition; Crowdfunding; Entrepreneurial management; Gender issues; Global entrepreneurship; Global entrepreneurship; Government; Incubators; Innovation; Innovation management; Intellectual property; International entrepreneurship; New venture development; Open innovation; Patents; Research and development; Social entrepreneurship; Startups / Start-ups; Technological innovation; Technological innovation; Technology transfer; United Kingdom (617) 253-3681
Myers, Stewart Professor, Finance Banking; Corporate finance; Finance; Insurance; Pharmaceuticals (617) 253-6696
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Nachtrieb, Robert Senior Lecturer, System Dynamics Bayesian statistics; Business plans; Business process modeling; Business process modeling; China; Competitive strategy; Consulting; Corporate strategy and policy; Cross-cultural awareness; Cultural differences; Data analysis; Data analytics; Data mining; Decision analysis; Decision making; Decision support; Energy efficiency; Enterprise architecture; Executive education; Experimental design; Global standards; India; Management education; Medical decision making; Medical devices; Negotiation; Negotiation and conflict resolution; New venture development; New ventures; Non-linear dynamics; Non-market strategy; Nonlinear dynamics; Nuclear power; Product innovation; Strategic management; System dynamics; System dynamics; United States
Nandy, Debarshi Visiting Associate Professor of Finance
Noe, Christopher Senior Lecturer, Accounting Accounting; Accounting fraud; Accounting standards; Bankruptcy; Corporate disclosure practices; Earnings manipulations; Financial reporting; Forecasting; Valuation (617) 253-4903

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