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Madnick, Stuart Professor of Information Technology and Engineering Systems Artificial intelligence; Bar code (electronic); Blogs; Component software technologies; Customer relationships and CRM; Data acquisition; Data mining; Data storage; Database and information integration technologies; Database marketing; Defense, military; Digital preservation; Digitization; E-commerce; E-mail; Enterprise information systems; Extranets; Financial information technology; Financial services; Globalization; Healthcare; Information systems; Information technology; Information technology for management; Information technology, artificial intelligence; Information technology, history of; Information technology, impact of; Internet security; Internet software; Internet strategy; Knowledge management; Legacy information; Management of information technology; Microsoft; National security; Online banking; Online shopping; Open source software; Regulation and policy, telecommunications; Security of technology; Software; System dynamics; Technology; Terrorism; World Wide Web (617) 253-6671
Magnanti, Thomas Professor of Operations Research Operations research; Optimization (617) 253-6604
Malenko, Andrey Assistant Professor of Finance (617) 225-9301
Malone, Thomas Professor of Information Technology Artificial intelligence; Blogs; Business intelligence; Business process modeling; Change management; Changing work environments; Changing workforce; Climate change; Climate policy; Computer industry; Digitization; Dot-com; E-commerce; E-mail; Education; Employee motivation; Enterprise information systems; Future of work; Global warming; Groupware; High technology companies; Information systems; Information systems; Information technology; Information technology for management; Information technology, artificial intelligence; Information technology, impact of; Information technology, social aspects; Innovation; Internet; Internet governance; Internet privacy issues; Internet security; Internet software/applications; Internet strategy; Intranet; Knowledge management; Knowledge sharing; Leadership; Management of information technology; Managerial communication; Managing change; Medical decision making; Motivation; Networking; Open source software; Organization studies; Organizational communication; Organizational design and performance; Organizational psychology; Social networks; Software; Software agents; Sustainability; Telecommuting; Wikipedia; Working virtually; World Wide Web (617) 253-6843
Manresa, Elena Assistant Professor of Applied Economics (617) 252-1131
Marx, Matthew Associate Professor of Technological Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Strategic Management Entrepreneurship / New ventures; Patents; Silicon Valley; Software; Technology strategy (617) 253-5539
McKersie, Robert Institute for Work and Employment Research Industrial relations; Interest based negotiations; Organizational change (617) 253-2671
Meldman, Jeffrey Senior Lecturer, Law Computer privacy; Computers; Intellectual property (617) 253-4932
Mende, Paul Lecturer (617) 715-4835
Merton, Robert Corporate finance; Derivatives; Financial engineering; Financial planning; Functional finance; Insurance; Retirement finance; Retirement planning; Risk management; Strategic finance (617) 715-4866
Milstein, Robert Visiting Scientist
Minahan, John Senior Lecturer, Finance (617) 715-4673
Murray, Fiona Associate Dean for Innovation & Co-Director MIT Innovation Initiative $100K Entrepreneurship competition; Biopharmaceutical; Biotechnology; China; Clinical trials; Drug models; Emerging businesses; Energy; Entrepreneurial management; Entrepreneurship / New ventures; Gender issues; Genetics; Healthcare operations management; Human resource management; India; Innovation; Institutional partnerships; Intellectual property; Intellectual property law; Knowledge management; Law; Lead users; Management of engineers and scientists; Management of technology; Medical decision making; New ventures; Patents; Pharmaceutical; Research and development; Social networks; Startups; Technological innovation (617) 253-3681
Myers, Stewart Professor of Finance Banking; Corporate finance; Finance; Insurance; Pharmaceutical (617) 253-6696
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Nachtrieb, Robert Senior Lecturer, System Dynamics Data Analytics; Decision Analysis; Energy Efficiency; Global Standards; Sustainability; System Dynamics
Noe, Christopher Senior Lecturer, Accounting Accounting, international; Accounting, US; Bankruptcy; Corporate disclosure practices; Earnings quality; Financial reporting; Financial statement analysis; Forecasting; Valuation (617) 253-4903

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