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O'Flanagan, Sinead Senior Lecturer, Leadership Action based learning; Business education; Change management; Cross-cultural awareness; Cultural differences; Design of leadership development; Education; Employee motivation; Europe; High technology companies; International management; Ireland; Leadership; Management effectiveness, measuring; Management of engineers and scientists; Managerial communication; Managerial vision; Managing change; Motivation; Optimization; Organizational change; Organizational culture; Organizational learning; Silicon Valley; Socially responsible business; Sustainability (617) 253-5703
O'Hair, Allison Lecturer, Operations Research and Statistics (617) 452-2116
Orlikowski, Wanda Professor of Information Technologies and Organization Studies Communication practices; E-mail; Groupware; Knowledge management; Knowledge sharing; Leadership; Mobile computing; Organizational change; Organizational communication (617) 253-0443
Orlin, James Professor of Operations Research Airlines; Data mining; Decision making, decision support; Logistics; Mathematical programming; Operations research; Optimization; Transportation (617) 253-6606
Orphanides, Athanasios Professor of the Practice of Global Economics and Management (617) 324-4051
Osterman, Paul Professor of Human Resources and Management Career development; Changing work environments; Changing workforce; Collective bargaining; Compensation; Competition; Diversity; Downsizing; Economy, current conditions; Employee motivation; Employment relations; Firing; Future of work; Hiring; Human resource management; Industrial relations; Labor market policy; Labor unions; Managing diversity; Negotiation and conflict resolution; Non-profits; Public policy, employment relations; Recruitment; Spain; Unemployment; Urban poverty (617) 253-2667
O'Sullivan, Francis Lecturer (617) 715-5433
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Pan, Jun Professor of Finance Asia; Asia Pacific; Asset management and pricing; Bond markets; Bond pricing; Capital market; China; Derivatives; Education; Financial services; Futures; Investment risk; MBA; Options; Research, academic; Stock exchange; Stock market; Stock trading; Treasuries (617) 253-3083
Parker, Jonathan Professor of Finance (617) 253-7218
Parsons, John Senior Lecturer / MBA Program Finance Track Head Capital budgeting; Climate policy; Corporate diversification; Corporate finance; Corporate strategy and policy; Derivatives; Dividend policy; Emissions trading; Energy; Environment; Environmental economics; Environmental policy; Finance; Financial engineering; Financial markets; Gas; Hurdle rates; Nuclear power; Oil; Public utilities; Risk management; Securities and Exchange Commission (617) 324-3745
Pentland, Sandy
Perakis, Georgia Professor of Operations Research and Operations Management Airlines; Competition; Europe; Mathematical programming; Operations research; Optimization; Transportation (617) 253-8277
Petacchi, Reining Assistant Professor of Accounting Asia; Debt Contracts; Debt Contracts; Domestic; Financial Regulation; Governmental; International; Regulation (617) 253-7084
Pindyck, Robert Professor of Applied Economics Airlines; Applied economics; Biopharmaceutical; Carbon footprint; Climate change; Competition; Credit card industry; Econometrics; Economic crisis; Economics; Economy, current conditions; Energy; Environment; Futures; Gas; Industrial economics; Macroeconomics; Managerial economics; Mergers and acquisitions; Microeconomics; Oil; Options; Options pricing, valuation; Pharmaceuticals; Price fixing; Pricing; Regulation and policy, competition; Sustainability (617) 253-6641
Pittore, Roberta Senior Lecturer, Managerial Communications Business ethics; Communication; Communication practices; Conflict management; International communication; Leadership; Managerial communication; Managing change; Motivation; Negotiation and conflict resolution; Organizational communication; Organizational culture; Teams; Values in the professions; Women in business; Writing and presentation skills (617) 258-7253
Pounds, William Professor of Organization Studies Corporate governance; Corporate strategy and policy; Family business; Operations management (781) 538-5798
Pozen, Robert Visiting Senior Lecturer (617) 715-4813
Prelec, Drazen Professor of Management Science and Economics Consumer behavior; Consumer psychology; Credit cards; Transportation (617) 253-2833

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