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Quaadgras, Anne Senior Lecturer, Operations Management (617) 715-5714
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Rahmandad, Hazhir Associate Professor, System Dynamics Business process modeling; Competitive strategy; Competitive strategy; Data analysis; Decision making; Healthcare; Organizational change; Organizational learning; Social networks; Social networks; System dynamics (617) 258-8912
Rai, Tage Lecturer, Marketing (617) 324-7358
Rao, Gita Senior Lecturer, Finance (617) 324-7247
Ready, Douglas Senior Lecturer, Work and Organization Studies Action learning; B-school; Change management; Distributed leadership; Executive education; Leadership; Leadership; Managerial change; Managerial vision; Managing change; Organizational change; Organizational communication; Organizational culture; Organizations; Strategic management; Strategy
Reagans, Ray Professor, Work and Organization Studies Change management; Leadership; Networking; Organizational behavior; Organizational change; Organizational design and performance; Organizational learning; Social networks; Social networks; Sociology; Teams; Virtual teams and organizations (617) 715-4154
Reilly, John Senior Lecturer and Co-Director of the Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change Alternative energy; Clean coal; Clean energy; Climate change; Climate policy; Coal; Drought; Electricity; Emissions trading; Energy; Energy economics; Energy efficiency; Environment; Environmental economics; Environmental policy; Ethanol; Fracking; Gas; Global climate change; Global warming; Hydraulic fracturing; Natural gas; Nuclear power; Oil; Water; Wind power (617) 253-8040
Repenning, Nelson Associate Dean of Leadership and Special Projects Action learning; Automotive industry; B-school; Business education; Business process modeling; Business process modeling; Business school; Change management; Changing work environments; Changing work environments; Competitive strategy; Competitive strategy; Corporate strategy and policy; Crisis management; Distributed leadership; Employee motivation; Engineering management; Executive education; Future of work; Future of work; Genome; Healthcare delivery; Healthcare operations management; Innovation management; Knowledge management; Leadership; Leadership; Managerial change; Managerial vision; Managing change; Manufacturing education; Manufacturing management; Manufacturing systems; Motivation; Motivation; Oil industry; Operations management; Organization development; Organizational behavior; Organizational change; Organizational culture; Organizational design and performance; Organizational learning; Organizational psychology; Organizational studies; Organizations; Process control; Product innovation; Production; Production; Productivity; Project management; Purpose-driven company; Quality; Research and development; Sales and sales processes; Sociotechnical system; Strategic management; Strategic planning; Strategy; System dynamics; Total Quality Management (TQM); Training; Training programs (617) 258-6889
Rhodes-Kropf, Matthew Visiting Associate Professor, Finance (617) 715-4673
Rigobon, Roberto Professor, Applied Economics Applied economics; Applied microeconomics; Argentina; Asia Pacific; Austerity; Bank capital; Bank regulation; Banking; Banking industry; Banking regulation; Big data; Bitcoin; Brazil; Canada; Chile; China; Corporate governance; Currency; Data analysis; Data analytics; Data mining; Debt ceiling; Deflation; Depression; Developing countries; Developing countries, economics; eBusiness; eBusiness; eCommerce; Econometrics; Econometrics; Economic crisis; Economics; Economy; eGovernment; Emerging markets; Euro; Europe; European Union (EU); Eurozone; Exchange rates; Exports; Federal Reserve; Financial econometrics; Financial engineering; Fiscal austerity; Fiscal cliff; Fiscal policies; France; Germany; Global economics; Global entrepreneurship; Globalization; Great Recession; Hong Kong; India; Inflation; Interest rates; International economics; International finance; International finance; International management; International trade; Internationalization; Intertemporal choice; Investment policy; Ireland; Italy; Japan; Job creation; Korea; Latin America; Macroeconomics; Managerial economics; Mexico; Monetary economics; Monetary policy; Offshoring; Oil; Online feedback mechanisms; Optimal control; Outsourcing; Political economy; Pricing; Recession; Singapore; Social business; Social media; Social networks; Social Security; South Korea; Southeast Asia; Spain; Statistics; Stimulus; Stochastic modeling; Subsidies; Sustainability; Taiwan; Tax reforms; Technological innovation; Technology transfer; Thailand; Trade policy; Unemployment; United Kingdom; United States (617) 258-8374
Roberts, Edward Professor, Technological Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Strategic Management Angel investing; Angel investing; Emerging businesses; Entrepreneurship; Global entrepreneurship; Global entrepreneurship; High technology / Hi-tech; High technology companies; Innovation; Innovation management; Management of technology; New venture development; New ventures; Research and development; Startups / Start-ups; Technological innovation; Technological innovation; Technology transfer; Venture capital; Venture capital (617) 253-4934
Roemer, Thomas Senior Lecturer, Operations Management (617) 324-6209
Roin, Benjamin Assistant Professor, Technological Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Strategic Management Biopharmaceutical; Biotechnology; Cancer; Clinical trials; Innovation; Intellectual property; Intellectual property; Intellectual property; Intellectual property law; Intellectual property law; Intellectual property laws; Intellectual property strategy; Law; Medical devices; Medical devices; Patents; Pharmaceuticals; Product innovation; Regulation and policy; Research and development; Semiconductors; Smartphones; Technological innovation; Technology transfer (617) 253-7945
Ross, Jeanne Center for Information Systems Research Business intelligence; Business intelligence; Business transformation; Cloud computing; Competitive strategy; Digitalization; Digitization; Enterprise information systems; Information systems; Management of information technology; Managerial change; Outsourcing; Strategic management; Strategic planning; Technological innovation; Technology strategy (617) 253-9461
Rowe, Mary Adjunct Professor, Work and Organization Studies Conflict management; Conflict resolution; Conflicts of interest; Conflicts of interest; Corporate accountability; Discrimination; Dispute resolution; Dispute resolution; Diversity; Employment relations; Ethics; Family issues; Flextime; Gender issues; Gender issues; Harassment; Hostile work environment; Human rights; Intellectual property; Managing diversity; Negotiation; Negotiation and conflict resolution; Risk management; Sexual harassment; Women in business; Work / family issues; Work-life balance (617) 253-5902
Ruane, Jonathan Lecturer, Global Economics and Management Alphabet; Android; Apple; Apps; Artificial intelligence; Blockchain; Brexit; Business intelligence; Digital disruption; Digital economy; Digitalization; Digitization; Driverless cars; Entrepreneurship; Europe; European Union (EU); Global entrepreneurship; International entrepreneurship; Internet; Internet applications; Internet software; Internet strategy; Ireland; Job creation; Neural networks; Platforms; Predictive analytics; Privacy issues; Robotics; Robots; Self-driving cars; Startup ecosystem; Startups / Start-ups; Technological innovation; Technology; Technology strategy; Tesla; Uber

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