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Sastry, Anjali Senior Lecturer, System Dynamics Sustainability (617) 253-0965
Sayeed, Imran Senior Lecturer, Technological Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Strategic Management (617) 281-5197
Scharmer, Otto Senior Lecturer, Organization Studies Africa; Business ethics; Change management; Environment; Ethics; Europe; Executive education; Globalization; Innovation; Leadership; Organizational change; Organizational learning; Southeast Asia; Tri-sector collaboration (617) 253-0486
Schein, Edgar Professor Emeritus Career development; Change management; Downsizing; Employee motivation; Industrial economics; Leadership; Management of engineers and scientists; Managing change; Networking; Organizational behavior; Organizational change; Organizational culture; Organizational learning; Organizational psychology; Organizational studies; Teams (617) 864-7540
Schmalensee, Richard Professor of Economics, Emeritus Antitrust; Applied economics; Business ethics; Climate change; Climate policy; Competition; Competitive strategy; Corporate strategy and policy; Credit cards; Economics; Economy; Electronic publishing; Energy; Environment; Global climate change; Global warming; Government; High technology companies; Industrial economics; Industrial organization; Macroeconomics; Managerial economics; Microeconomics; Microsoft; Non-market strategy; Options; Political economy; Price fixing; Pricing; Public utilities; Publishing; Software; Stock exchange; Stock exchange consolidation; Tax policy; United States (617) 253-2957
Schmittlein, David Professor of Marketing Advertising; Applied mathematics; Applied probability; B-school; Bayesian statistics; Brand management; Branding; Business education; Consumer behavior; Customer relationships and CRM; Database marketing; Education; International marketing; Market research; Marketing; Marketing channels; Marketing strategy; Marketing, international; MBA; Online shopping; Pricing; Product development and design; Product loyalty; Retail; Sampling; Statistics; Stochastic modeling; Web-based marketing (617) 253-2804
Schoar, Antoinette Professor of Finance Bankruptcy; Capital budgeting; Corporate finance; Diversification, corporate; Entrepreneurial finance; Europe; Financial services; Germany; India; Personal finance; Private equity (617) 253-3763
Schulz, Andreas Professor of Operations Research Applied mathematics; Decision making, decision support; Game theory; Mathematical programming (617) 258-7340
Scott Morton, Michael Professor Emeritus Angel investing; Artificial intelligence; Business education; Changing workforce; Competitive strategy; Corporate governance; Corporate strategy and policy; Entrepreneurial management; Entrepreneurship / New ventures; Information systems; Information technology; Information technology, impact of; Management of information technology; Research, academic; Strategic planning; United Kingdom; United States (617) 253-7175
Senge, Peter Senior Lecturer, Leadership and Sustainability Africa; China; Organizational change; Organizational learning (617) 253-1575
Shames, Jeffrey Senior Lecturer, Finance Sustainability (617) 253-6033
Sharone, Ofer Assistant Professor of Work and Employment Research Hiring, Recruitment; Job searching, Negotiations; Unemployment; Work-life balance (617) 253-7483
Shipley, Lou Lecturer
Shroff, Nemit Assistant Professor of Accounting Accounting-Domestic; Disclosure; Domestic; Financial Reporting; International; Investment Policy; Reporting (617) 324-0805
Simester, Duncan Branding; Channels; Competition; Consumer behavior; Consumer measurement; Consumer packaged goods; Database marketing; Marketing; Marketing channels; Marketing strategy; Microeconomics; New Zealand; Online feedback mechanisms; Online shopping; Optimization; Pricing; Product loyalty; Retail; Strategic management (617) 258-0679
So, Eric Assistant Professor of Accounting Accounting-Domestic; Analyst forecasts; Asset Pricing; Financial Reporting; Financial Statement Analysis; Market Microstructure (617) 253-6470
Spear, Steven Senior Lecturer (617) 281-7620
Stein, Roger Senior Lecturer and Research Affiliate
Sterman, John Professor of System Dynamics and Engineering Systems Alternative energy; B-school; Business education; Business process modeling; Carbon footprint; Change management; Climate policy; Energy; Environment; Environmental leadership; Managing change; Nonlinear dynamics; Organizational behavior; Organizational learning; Strategic planning; Strategy; Supply chain management; Sustainability; System dynamics (617) 253-1951
Stern, Scott (617) 253-3053
Stoker, Thomas Professor of Applied Economics Applied economics; Econometrics; Economics (617) 253-2625
Sull, Donald Senior Lecturer (617) 324-4075
Suri, Tavneet Associate Professor of Applied Economics Africa; Applied economics; Applied microeconomics; Developing countries; Developing countries, economics; Econometrics; Economics (617) 253-7159
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Thompson, Neil Assistant Professor of Technological Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Strategic Management (617) 253-7998
Thurow, Lester Coordinator, Asia-Pacific Initiatives $100K Entrepreneurship competition; Applied economics; Asia; China; Climate change; Defense, military; Deflation; E-commerce; Healthcare; High technology companies; Hong Kong; Human resource management; Industrial economics; Inflation; Interest rates; Japan; Korea; Macroeconomics; Microeconomics; Microsoft; Monetary policy; National security; Oil; Outsourcing; Pakistan; Russia; Semiconductors; Singapore; South Korea; Southeast Asia; Sustainability; Unemployment (617) 253-2932
Ton, Zeynep Adjunct Associate Professor of Operations Management (617) 715-4838
Torous, Walter Senior Lecturer (617) 324-7027
Tucker, Catherine Associate Professor of Marketing Computer privacy; Credit cards; E-commerce; Econometrics; Electronic software; Google; Google; Industrial economics; Internet; Internet privacy issues; Internet telephony; Management of information technology; Marketing; Marketing strategy; Online banking; Pricing; Security of technology; Software; Web-based marketing; YouTube (617) 252-1499
Turco, Catherine Assistant Professor of Organization Studies (617) 715-4856

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