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Urban, Glen Professor, Marketing, Emeritus Advertising; Automotive industry; B-school; Bayesian statistics; Brand management; Branding; Consumer marketing; Customer relationships; Customer satisfaction; Customer service; Database marketing; Dot-com; eCommerce; Electronic publishing; International marketing; Internet; Internet privacy issues; Internet strategy; Knowledge management; Lead users; Management of technology; Market research; Marketing; New ventures; Online feedback mechanisms; Online media; Online shopping; Positioning; Product loyalty; Statistics; Telecommunications; Trust-based marketing; Web-based marketing; World Wide Web (617) 253-6615
Utterback, James Professor, Technological Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Strategic Management Emerging businesses; Energy; Engineering management; High technology companies; Innovation; Management of technology; Manufacturing systems; Product development; Technological innovation; Technology strategy; Technology transfer (617) 253-2661
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Vaishnav, Chintan Senior Lecturer, Operations Management
Van Maanen, John Professor, Organization Studies Career development; Change management; Changing work environments; Changing workforce; Conflict management; Conflict resolution; Cross-cultural awareness; Cultural differences; Cultural differences; Disney theme parks; Distributed leadership; Diversity; Education; Employee motivation; Employment relations; Employment relations; Executive education; Family issues; Flextime; Future of work; Future of work; Gender issues; Globalization; Human rights; Incentives; Labor relations; Leadership; Leadership; Managing change; Managing change; Motivation; Motivation; Organizational behavior; Organizational change; Organizational culture; Organizational psychology; Organizational studies; Organizations; Social networks; Social psychology; Sociology; Sociology; Teams; Training; Training programs; Turnover; Work / family issues; Work environments; Work-life balance; Worker / management relations (617) 253-3610
Van Parys, Bart Paul Gerard Assistant Professor, Operations Research and Statistics (617) 253-0534
Van Reenen, John Professor, Applied Economics (617) 253-2932
Verdelhan, Adrien Associate Professor, Finance Arbitrage pricing theory; Bond markets; Bond pricing; Derivatives; Exchange Rates; Federal Reserve; Macroeconomics (617) 253-5123
Verdi, Rodrigo Professor, Accounting Accounting; Accounting standards; Brazil; Capital markets; Corporate disclosure practices; Disclosure; Disclosure; Earnings quality; Financial regulation; Financial reporting (617) 253-2956
Verner, Emil Assistant Professor, Finance
Vielma, Juan Pablo Associate Professor, Operations Research and Statistics Algorithms; Applied mathematics; Combinatorial optimization;; Analytics; Quantitative Marketing; Experimental Design; Computational Optimization; Open Source Software; Integer programming; Mathematical programming; Optimization;; Mixed Integer programming; Natural Resource Management (617) 324-1204
von Hippel, Eric Professor of Management of Innovation and Engineering Systems Change management; High technology companies; Innovation; Management of technology; Managing change; Medical devices; Open source software; Patents; Research and development; Technological innovation; Technology strategy; Technology transfer (617) 253-7155

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