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Wang, Jiang Professor, Finance Arbitrage pricing theory; Asset management; Bond pricing; Capital market; China; Contagion; Currency; Derivatives; Equities; Financial engineering; Financial markets; Futures; Investment risk; Investment strategies; Market microstructure; Mutual funds; Options; Options pricing valuation; Portfolio choice; Portfolio design and management; Security prices; Stock exchange; Stock market; Stock trading; Trading decisions; Treasuries (617) 253-2632
Watts, Ross Professor, Accounting, Emeritus Accounting; Accounting standards; Activity Based Management (ABM); Asia Pacific; Auditing; Canada; Capital budgeting; Contracting; Corporate disclosure practices; Corporate finance; Corporate governance; Corporate governance; Corporate governance; Debt contracts; Dividend policy; Earnings management; Earnings manipulations; Financial reporting; Financial statement analysis; Hong Kong; Management control; Managerial accounting; New Zealand; Statement analysis; Taiwan; United Kingdom; United States (617) 253-2668
Weber, Joseph Professor, Accounting Accounting; Auditing; Corporate governance; Disclosure; Earnings management; Earnings manipulations; International tax; Tax policy (617) 253-4310
Webster, Melissa Lecturer, Global Economics and Management Action learning; Executive education; Experiential learning
Weil, Henry Senior Lecturer, Technological Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Strategic Management Airlines; Alliances; Asia; Aviation; Banking; Bermuda; Business process modeling; Capital budgeting; China; Competition; Competition; Competitive strategy; Computer industry; Consumer behavior; Convergence; Corporate strategy and policy; Credit card industry; Customer relationships; Customer service; Data acquisition; Digitalization; Dot-com; eCommerce; Electronic media; Emerging businesses; Emerging markets; Energy; Entrepreneurial management; Ethanol; Europe; European Union (EU); Financial services; France; Globalization; Hong Kong; Industrial economics; Information technology; Innovation; International corporate strategy; International management; Internet telephony; Lead users; Management of technology; Marketing strategy; Media; Microeconomics; Mobile computing; New ventures; Nonlinear dynamics; Oil; Online banking; Online media; Pharmaceuticals; Pricing; Research and development; Retirement planning; Singapore; Startups / Start-ups; Strategic management; Strategic planning; System dynamics; Taiwan; Technological innovation; Technological strategy; Technological transfer; Trust-based marketing; Wi-fi; Wireless communication (617) 258-6101
Weill, Peter Senior Research Scientist; Chairman, Center for Information Systems Research (CISR) Asia Pacific; Brazil; Business process modeling; Competitive strategy; Corporate governance; Corporate governance; Digital economy; Digitalization; eBusiness; eCommerce; Electronic commerce; Enterprise architecture; Europe; Global business processes; India; Information systems; Information technology; International corporate strategy; Management of information technology; Manufacturing systems; Mobile banking; New Zealand; Online banking; Online shopping; Outsourcing; Singapore; Strategy; Technological innovation; United States (617) 253-2930
Welsch, Roy Professor of Statistics and Engineering Systems Bayesian statistics; Corporate strategy and policy; Data acquisition; Data mining; Econometrics; Experimental design; Financial econometrics; Financial engineering; Financial markets; Information technology; Managerial economics; Process control; Statistics (617) 253-6601
Wernerfelt, Birger Professor, Marketing Branding; Channel management; Competitive strategy; Corporate diversification; Corporate diversification; Customer incentives; eBusiness; eCommerce; Managerial economics; Marketing channels; Marketing strategy; Outsourcing; Outsourcing; Sales force management (617) 253-7192
Whinston, Michael Professor of Economics and Management MIT Sloan Applied Economics Group and MIT Department of Economics Competition; Healthcare exchanges; Industrial economics; Industrial organization; Microeconomics (617) 258-8408
White, Alan Senior Associate Dean Emeritus and Senior Lecturer Emeritus Asia; Asia Pacific; Business education; Career development; China; Corporate governance; Cross-cultural awareness; Cultural differences; Cultural differences; Executive education; Family business; Global business practices; Hong Kong; Japan; Korea; Singapore; South Korea; Southeast Asia (617) 253-7189
Wilmers, Nathan Assistant Professor, Work and Organization Studies
Winslow, Darcy Senior Lecturer, MIT Leadership Center Change management; Climate change; Consumer behavior; Corporate social responsibility; Emissions trading; Environment; Executive education; Experimental design; Future of work; Global warming; Green industries; Leadership; Managing change; Marketing; Non-profits / Nonprofits; Organizational culture; Product development; Sustainability; United States (503) 227-8820
Wladawsky-Berger, Irving Visiting Lecturer, Information Technology Cloud computing; Competition; Competitive strategy; Computer industry; Digital economy; Digitalization; Digitization; eBusiness; Electronic commerce; Emerging businesses; Information systems; Information technology; Innovation; Innovation management; Innovative thinking; Internet; Internet strategy; Leadership; Management of technology; Open innovation; Open source software; Product innovation; Research and development; Sociotechnical system; Strategic planning; Strategy; Technological innovation; Technological innovation; Technology; Technology strategy; Technology transfer; Technology transfer; World Wide Web (203) 856-4915

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