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Yates, JoAnne Professor, Managerial Communication and Work and Organization Studies Blackberry; Changing work environments; Electronic communication; Electronic media; Electronic media; Email; Global standards; Global standards; Internet; Organizational communication; Organizational studies; Virtual teams and organizations; voluntary standardization organizations and processes (617) 253-7157
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Zaman, Tauhid Associate Professor, Operations Management Algorithms; Algorithms; Analytics; Analytics for venture capital; Applied probability; Bayesian statistics; Big data; Data acquisition; Data analysis; Data analytics; Data mining; Data mining; Data mining; Facebook; Instagram; Online extremism; Operations management; Operations research; Predictive analytics; Probability; Probability; Probability, applied; Social media; Social networks; Social networks; Social networks; Sociotechnical system; Sociotechnical system; Sports analytics; Statistics; Statistics; Twitter (617) 253-7353
Zarur, Andrey Lecturer, Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship Biopharmaceutical; Biotechnology; Business plans; Climate policy; Clinical trials; Emerging businesses; Energy; Entrepreneurial management; Environment; Global climate change; Global warming; Healthcare; Innovation; Medical devices; Mexico; Multi-drug models; New ventures; Pharmaceuticals; Research and development; Startups / Start-ups; Venture capital (781) 684-0239
Zhang, Juanjuan Professor, Marketing Applied economics; Asia; Channel management; Competitive strategy; Crowdfunding; Customer Relationship Management (CRM); Emerging markets; Innovation management; Marketing strategy; Product management; Sales force management; Social influence; Social media; Web-based marketing (617) 452-2790
Zheng, Y. Karen Associate Professor, Operations Management China; Decision making; Operations management; Supply chain management; Sustainability (617) 253-4512
Zhu, Haoxiang Associate Professor, Finance Asset management; Asset pricing; Auctions; Bankruptcy; Bond markets; Bond negotiations; Bond pricing; Capital budgeting; Capital controls; Capital market; Central banks; Corporate finance; Currency; Currency management; Debt; Derivatives; Dodd-Frank Act; Equities; Euro; Exchange rates; Finance; Financial institutions; Financial markets; Futures; Governmental financial institutions; High frequency trading; Liquidity; London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR); Market microstructure; Microeconomics; Municipal bonds; Mutual funds; NASDAQ; New York Stock Exchange (NYSE); Options; Portfolio choice; Portfolio design and management; Price fixing; Pricing; Regulation; Risk capital; Risk management; Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC); Securitization; Security prices; Stock exchange; Stock exchange consolidation; Stock market; Stock options; Stock trading; Trading decisions; Trading gains and losses; Treasuries; Valuation; Wall Street (617) 253-2478
Zuckerman Sivan, Ezra Professor, Technological Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Strategic Management and Work and Organization Studies Competitive strategy; Corporate diversification; Strategic management; Strategy (617) 253-1918

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