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Arnold Barnett

Arnold Barnett

George Eastman Professor of Management Science

Department: Professor of Statistics

Contact: (617) 253-2670,

Expertise: Air safety; Operations management; Operations research; Operations research; Statistics

Dimitris Bertsimas

Dimitris Bertsimas

Boeing Leaders for Global Operations Professor of Management

Department: Professor, Operations Research

Contact: (617) 253-4223,

Expertise: Air safety; eCommerce; Financial engineering; Information technology; Operations research; Optimization; Revenue management; Statistics

John Carroll

John Carroll

Gordon Kaufman Professor of Management

Department: Professor of Organization Studies and Engineering Systems

Contact: (617) 253-2617,

Expertise: Action learning; Air safety; Change management; Distributed leadership; Experimental design; Health management; Healthcare; Leadership; Leadership; Managerial change; Managing change; Managing change; Medical decision making; Organizational behavior; Organizational change; Organizational culture; Organizational learning; Organizational psychology; Organizational studies; Organizations; Social psychology; Sociotechnical system; Teams

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Podcasts & Video

Air Safety: Nothing But Blue Skies?

Arnold Barnett returns with new insights into aviation and aviation safety, and remains remarkably consistent in his quite sunny assessment of the current state of aviation safety -- even after a recent string of air accidents.

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