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Michael Cusumano

Michael Cusumano

Sloan Management Review Distinguished Professor of Management

Department: Professor of Technological Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Strategic Management and Engineering Systems

Contact: (617) 253-2574,

Expertise: $100K Entrepreneurship competition; Angel investing; Asia Pacific; Automotive; Business plans; Competitive strategy; Computer Industry; Computer-aided software; Consumer electronics; Corporate strategy and policy; Cultural differences; Electronic media; Electronic software; Engineering management; Entrepreneurship / New ventures; Google; High technology companies; Information systems; Information technology; Information technology for management; Information technology, history of; Information technology, impact of; Innovation; International management; Internet; Internet software; Internet software/applications; Internet strategy; Japan; Korea; Management of engineers and scientists; Management of information technology; Management of technology; Manufacturing management; Media; Microsoft; Mobile computing; Open source software; Operations management; Productivity; Project management; Quality; Research and development; Sales and sales processes; Semiconductors; Service industry; Software; South Korea; Startups; Strategic management; Strategic planning; Technological innovation; Technology; Technology strategy; Technology transfer; Telecommunications; Total quality management; World Wide Web

Christopher Knittel

Christopher Knittel

William Barton Rogers Professor of Energy

Department: Professor of Applied Economics

Contact: (617) 324-0015,

Expertise: Automobile; Automobile Industry; Banking Industry; Electricity; Electricity Industry; Energy Economics; Environmental Economics; Industrial Organization; Oil; Oil Industry

How open-source software drives innovation — Lou Shipley

From the Chicago Tribune The solitary genius, closeted in a lab or garage, creating the next big thing is largely a myth. Important innovation almost always builds upon what came before it. The automobile would not exist if the horse-drawn carriage had not been invented first. We would not be using laser pointers now if early humans had not fashioned torches in experiments with fire. The most important example of innovation through knowledge sharing today is the open source software movement. Developers are posting code in online communities across the globe, learning from one another and building on each other’s advances. Imitation is not just the sincerest form of flattery. It’s also the best form of innovation. There are over one million open source projects under development now, and the numbers are increasing 30 to 50 percent a year. And when we talk about projects in this context, we are … Read More »The post How open-source software drives innovation — Lou Shipley appeared first on MIT Sloan Experts.

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