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David Gamarnik

David Gamarnik

Nanyang Technological University Professor of Operations Research

Department: Professor of Operations Research

Contact: (617) 253-7779,

Expertise: Applied math; Applied probability; Decision making; Decision support; Disaster recovery; Healthcare operations management; Operations research; Optimal control; Optimization; Stochastic processes

John Little

John Little

Institute Professor

Department: Professor of Marketing

Contact: (617) 253-3738,

Expertise: Advertising; Analytics; Brand management; Branding; Channels; Consumer packaged goods; Data mining; Decision making; Decision support; Manufacturing; Manufacturing systems; Market research; Marketing; Marketing channels; Mathematical programming; Mathematical programming; Media; Operations management; Operations management; Operations research; Optimization; Pricing; Pricing; Probability; Probability, applied; Product loyalty; Sales and sales processes; Statistics

Robert Nachtrieb

Robert Nachtrieb

Department: Senior Lecturer, System Dynamics

Contact: , nacht@MIT.EDU

Expertise: Bayesian statistics; Business plans; Business process modeling; Business process modeling; China; Competitive strategy; Consulting; Corporate strategy and policy; Cross-cultural awareness; Cultural differences; Data analysis; Data analytics; Data mining; Decision analysis; Decision making; Decision support; Energy Efficiency; Enterprise architecture; Executive education; Experimental design; Global standards; India; Management education; Medical decision making; Medical devices; Negotiation; Negotiation and conflict resolution; New venture development; New ventures; Non-linear dynamics; Non-market strategy; Nonlinear dynamics; Nuclear power; Product innovation; Strategic management; System dynamics; System dynamics; United States

Cynthia Rudin

Cynthia Rudin

Department: Associate Professor of Statistics

Contact: (617) 715-4215,

Expertise: Algorithms; Algorithms; Algorithms; Analytics; Applied math; Artificial intelligence; Artificial intelligence; Bayesian statistics; Big data; Business intelligence; Business intelligence; Data analysis; Data analytics; Data mining; Data mining; Data mining; Data mining; Decision making; Decision support; Electricity; Machine learning; Medical decision making; Predictive analytics; Predictive analytics; Probability; Sports analytics; Statistics; Statistics

Michael Scott Morton

Michael Scott Morton

Jay W. Forrester Professor of Management (Emeritus)

Department: Professor Emeritus

Contact: (617) 253-7175,

Expertise: Angel investing; Competitive strategy; Corporate governance; Corporate strategy and policy; Information systems; Information technology; Startups / Start-ups; Strategic management; Strategic planning; Strategy; Technological innovation; United Kingdom; United States

Steven Spear

Steven Spear

Department: Senior Lecturer

Contact: (617) 281-7620,

Expertise: Action learning; Aerospace; Automotive industry; B-school; Business education; Business process modeling; Case studies; Competition; Competitive strategy; Competitive strategy; Consulting; Decision making; Disaster recovery; Executive education; Future of work; Healthcare; Healthcare delivery; Healthcare industry; Healthcare operations management; Hospital operations management; Industrial organization; Innovation; Innovation management; Insourcing; Insourcing; Knowledge management; Leadership; Leadership; Managerial change; Manufacturing education; Manufacturing management; Manufacturing systems; Operations management; Organizations; Process control; Product innovation; Production; Productivity; Project management; Quality; Service industry; Sociotechnical system; United States; X-teams

Roger Stein

Roger Stein

Department: Senior Lecturer and Research Affiliate

Contact: ,

Expertise: Applied probability; Applied probability; Bankruptcy; Big data; Business intelligence; Data analytics; Data management; Data mining; Data mining; Data mining; Data mining; Decision making; Decision support; Econometrics; Econometrics; Financial econometrics; Financial engineering; Financial information technology; Financial information technology; Innovation; Innovation management; Innovative thinking; Knowledge management; Knowledge management; Leadership; Machine learning; Predictive analytics; Predictive analytics; Product development; Product innovation; Product management; Product strategy; Risk capital; Risk management; Risk management; Social entrepreneurship; Social responsibility; Strategic planning; Strategy; Talent management; Technology transfer

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