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Jared Curhan

Jared Curhan

Sloan Distinguished Associate Professor of Organization Studies

Contact: (617) 253-5219,

Expertise: Dispute resolution; Negotiation and conflict resolution; Organizational behavior; Organizational psychology; Organizational studies; Social psychology

Mary Rowe

Mary Rowe

Department: Adjunct Professor of Management

Contact: (617) 253-5902,

Expertise: Conflict management; Discrimination; Dispute resolution; Diversity; Gender issues, workplace; Harassment; Human resource management; Negotiation and conflict resolution; Race relations; Sexual harassment

John Van Maanen

John Van Maanen

Erwin H. Schell Professor of Management

Department: Professor of Organization Studies

Contact: (617) 253-3610,

Expertise: Career development; Change management; Changing work environments; Changing workforce; Cross-cultural awareness; Cultural differences; Disney theme parks; Dispute resolution; Employee motivation; Fishing industry; Leadership; Managing change; Networking, personal, business, organizational; Organization culture; Organization studies; Organizational behavior; Organizational change; Organizational design and performance; Service industry; Sociology, occupational; Team; Training; Values in the professions

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