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Joseph Hadzima

Joseph Hadzima

Department: Senior Lecturer, Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship

Contact: (617) 475-6009,

Expertise: $100K Entrepreneurship competition; Angel investing; Benefits and compensation; Business education; Business plans; CEO compensation; Conflicts of interest; Corporate governance; Emerging businesses; Entrepreneurial finance; Entrepreneurial management; Entrepreneurship / New ventures; Executive pay; High technology companies; Innovation; Intellectual property; Intellectual property law; Intellectual property strategy; Law; Management of technology; New ventures; Non-profits; Patents; Private equity; Research and development; Sarbanes-Oxley compliance; Securities and Exchange Commission; Software; Startups; Stock options; Venture capital

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Intellectual Capital: Simon Johnson on the Financial Crisis, Part 4: 02/09/09

As the Obama administration's proposed stimulus package undergoes scrutiny, MIT Sloan economist Professor Simon Johnson gives his thoughts on what the plan will and will not accomplish. In this installment of his podcast series, Johnson also addresses the state of banking and the controversial executive pay cap.

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