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Tough choices

Carly Fiorina knows tough choices, as the title of her 2006 memoir suggests. As president and CEO of Hewlett-Packard, she made the difficult decision to merge the company with rival Compaq Computer. The decision proved a crucible for the storied HP, and the waves it triggered led to her abrupt firing in 2005. Fiorina stands by the decision. "Sometimes a leader's job is to undertake the difficult job of transformation," she told MIT Sloan students in an October 2006 Dean's Innovative Leader Series appearance, presented here. Fiorina, a 1989 MIT Sloan Fellow, is introduced by MIT Sloan Dean Richard Schmalensee.

Can a new brand of unions help America’s workers? — Thomas Kochan

From Fortune Hardly a day goes by when American unions are not attacked from some quarter: Last week, the Supreme Court weakens unions representing home care workers, one of the lowest paid and fastest growing occupations. This follows another ruling struck earlier last month in which a California judge threw out teacher tenure, due process and seniority rules under the dubious theory they are the cause of persistent inequality in education outcomes. And in 2011, Wisconsin’s governor decimated public sector unions by taking away state and local government employee rights to collective bargaining, reversing a policy in place since 1959. It’s clear that for years most private sector employers have successfully fought union organizing and collective bargaining using every legal delaying tactic and in many cases illegally firing workers. Wal-Mart  WMT 0.42% ,the nation’s largest private employer, is the most visible case in point. By deploying its union-fighting swat team from corporate headquarters to any store that shows … Read More »The post Can a new brand of unions help America’s workers? — Thomas Kochan appeared first on MIT Sloan Experts.

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