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Sharmila Chatterjee

Sharmila Chatterjee

Department: Academic Head, Enterprise Management Track Senior Lecturer, Marketing

Contact: (617) 253-8214,

Expertise: Franchises; Marketing channels; Sales and sales processes; Trust-based marketing

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MIT Sloan Sports Business Conference

Good draft picks. Innovative coach. Spirited fans. Grit, hustle, and determination on the field of play. Now you can add analytics to this list of keys to success for a professional sports franchise. Increasingly a powerful tool in distinguishing the best sports franchises, analytics will take center stage at the inaugural MIT Sloan Sports Business Conference on February 10th at MIT. Conference organizers Heather Tow-Yick and Marshal Einhorn, both members of the MBA Class of 2007, explain why they've initiated a sports business conference and how analytics are transforming sports. Learn more at

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