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Christine Kelly

Christine Kelly

Department: Senior Lecturer, Managerial Communication

Contact: (617) 452-3594,

Expertise: Action learning; B-school; B-school; Business education; Business school; Communication; Communication practices; Conflict resolution; Cross-cultural awareness; Cultural differences; Diversity; Education; Education; Email; Gender issues; Leadership; Leadership; Leadership; Management education; Managerial communication; Managerial vision; MBA; MOOCs; Online education; Organizational communication; Organizational communications; Organizational culture

Erin Kelly

Erin Kelly

Sloan Distinguished Professor of Work and Organization Studies

Department: Professor, Work and Organization Studies

Contact: (617) 324-4116, ELKELLY@MIT.EDU

Expertise: Changing work environments; Changing workforce; Discrimination; Diversity; Family issues; Flextime; Future of work; Gender issues; Organizational change; Regulation and policy; Telecommuting; Virtual teams and organizations; Women in business; Work / family issues; Work environments; Work-life balance; Workplace health

Mary Rowe

Mary Rowe

Department: Adjunct Professor, Work and Organization Studies

Contact: (617) 253-5902,

Expertise: Conflict management; Conflict resolution; Conflicts of interest; Conflicts of interest; Corporate accountability; Discrimination; Dispute resolution; Dispute resolution; Diversity; Employment relations; Ethics; Family issues; Flextime; Gender issues; Gender issues; Harassment; Hostile work environment; Human rights; Intellectual property; Managing diversity; Negotiation; Negotiation and conflict resolution; Risk management; Sexual harassment; Women in business; Work / family issues; Work-life balance

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