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Anna Costello

Anna Costello

Department: Assistant Professor of Accounting

Contact: (617) 324-3894,

Expertise: Accounting-Domestic; Accounting-International; Debt Contracts; Domestic; Financial Reporting; Governmental; International; Reporting; Supply Chain Contracts; Supply Chain Contracts

Reining Petacchi

Reining Petacchi

Department: Assistant Professor of Accounting

Contact: (617) 253-7084,

Expertise: Asia; Debt Contracts; Debt Contracts; Domestic; Financial Regulation; Governmental; International; Regulation

Eric von Hippel

Eric von Hippel

T. Wilson (1953) Professor in Management

Department: Professor of Management of Innovation and Engineering Systems

Contact: (617) 253-7155,

Expertise: Change management; High technology companies; Innovation; Lead users; Management of technology; Managing change; Medical devices; Open source software; Patents; Research and development; Technological innovation; Technology strategy; Technology transfer

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Podcasts & Video

Paint it Black: Avoiding the Financial Beast of Burden in 2009 and Beyond

James Poterba takes a scholarly approach to moderating this detailed discussion of the unfolding economic collapse, its ramifications on business, and the possible impact of governmental remedies.

Making a difference with your investments

Once a laudable goal, Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) is now a growing force across global markets. At last count, there were $4 trillion in such investments worldwide. One in eight investment dollars in the U.S. is connected to environmental, social, and governmental factors. The time is ripe for analysts to help their clients make a profit while making a difference, says Graham Sinclair of KLD Research and Analytics in Boston. Sinclair made this case during a morning-long presentation to MIT Sloan students in March 2007 as part of the Sustainability at Sloan Speaker Series. Here is an excerpt.

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