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Kara Blackburn

Kara Blackburn

Department: Senior Lecturer, Managerial Communication

Contact: (617) 253-7479,

Sharmila Chatterjee

Sharmila Chatterjee

Department: Academic Head, Enterprise Management Track Senior Lecturer, Marketing

Contact: (617) 253-8214,

Expertise: Franchises; Marketing channels; Sales and sales processes; Trust-based marketing

John Grant

John Grant

Department: Senior Lecturer, International Action Learning Programs (G-Lab, China/India Lab, GO-Lab)

Contact: (617) 324-4373,

Yasheng Huang

Yasheng Huang

International Program Professor in Chinese Economy and Business

Department: Professor of Global Economics and Management and Associate Dean for International Programs and Action Learning

Contact: (617) 253-9768,

Expertise: Asia; China; Developing countries; Emerging markets; Environmental policy; Foreign investment; Global economics; Global entrepreneurship; Globalization; Government; Hong Kong; India; International management; International trade; Investment, foreign; Korea; Political economy; Singapore; Southeast Asia; Taiwan; Thailand

SP Kothari

SP Kothari

Gordon Y Billard Professor of Accounting and Finance

Contact: (617) 253-0994,

Expertise: Capital Markets; Corporate Governance; Disclosure; Domestic; Executive compensation; Executive Compensation; Financial Reporting; India; International; Investment Analysis

Fiona Murray

Fiona Murray

William Porter Professor of Entrepreneurship

Department: Associate Dean for Innovation & Co-Director MIT Innovation Initiative

Contact: (617) 253-3681,

Expertise: $100K Entrepreneurship competition; Biopharmaceutical; Biotechnology; China; Clinical trials; Drug models; Emerging businesses; Energy; Entrepreneurial management; Entrepreneurship / New ventures; Gender issues; Genetics; Healthcare operations management; Human resource management; India; Innovation; Institutional partnerships; Intellectual property; Intellectual property law; Knowledge management; Law; Lead users; Management of engineers and scientists; Management of technology; Medical decision making; New ventures; Patents; Pharmaceutical; Research and development; Social networks; Startups; Technological innovation

Roberta Pittore

Roberta Pittore

Department: Senior Lecturer, Managerial Communications

Contact: (617) 258-7253,

Expertise: Business ethics; Communication; Communication practices; Conflict management; International communication; Leadership; Managerial communication; Managing change; Motivation; Negotiation and conflict resolution; Organizational communication; Organizational culture; Teams; Values in the professions; Women in business; Writing and presentation skills

Gita Rao

Gita Rao

Department: Senior Lecturer in Finance

Contact: (617) 324-7247,

Roberto Rigobon

Roberto Rigobon

Society of Sloan Fellows Professor of Management

Department: Professor of Applied Economics

Contact: (617) 258-8374,

Expertise: Africa; Applied economics; Argentina; Asia; Banking regulation; Bond markets; Brazil; Capital market; Contagion; Currency; Deflation; Developing countries, economics; Econometrics; Economic crisis; Economics; Economy, current conditions; Emerging markets; Equities; Euro; Europe; European Union; Exchange rates; Federal Reserve; Financial markets; Financial services; Foreign investment; France; Germany; Global trade standards; Globalization; Government; Healthcare; Hong Kong; Import quotas; India; Inflation; Interest rates; International economics; International finance; International trade; Ireland; Italy; Japan; Latin America; Macroeconomics; Managerial economics; Mexico; Monetary economics; Monetary policy; Oil; Political economy; Russia; Savings rates; Securities and Exchange Commission; Singapore; Southeast Asia; Spain; Stock exchange; Stock market; Sustainability; Taiwan; Thailand; Trade policy; Treasuries; United States; Valuation

Anjali Sastry

Anjali Sastry

Department: Senior Lecturer, System Dynamics

Contact: (617) 253-0965,

Expertise: Sustainability

Antoinette Schoar

Antoinette Schoar

Michael M. Koerner (1949) Professor of Entrepreneurship

Department: Professor of Finance

Contact: (617) 253-3763,

Expertise: Bankruptcy; Capital budgeting; Corporate finance; Diversification, corporate; Entrepreneurial finance; Europe; Financial services; Germany; India; Personal finance; Private equity

Trond Undheim

Trond Undheim

Department: Senior Lecturer in Global Economics and Management

Contact: ,

Expertise: EU, Scandinavia; impact, e-government; Knowledge work, networks; Leadership from below; New Ventures; Strategic management, Public policy

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Podcasts & Video

India Lab '09: Educational Enhancements

MIT Sloan's inaugural India Lab saw teams of students addressing specific challenges across a variety of industries across India. Here Ted Chan, MBA '09, talks about working with prominent industrialist and MIT alumnus Vinay Rai, MIT class of 1970, whose goal is to combat perceived voids in India's educational system by setting up a series of rural business schools. While on the ground in India, Ted and the team benefited from their firsthand knowledge of an underdeveloped infrastructure and local cultural norms. In the end, the team produced educational and business models for the would-be b-schools, schools which they hope will produce employable workers for India's current economy.

Deep dive into India

Ploy Jensen had been to India before. But her visit to the Taj Mahal and other tourist stops were hardly a precursor to the deep dive into India's emerging technology market and diverse culture that she experienced as part of her Global Entrepreneurship Lab class. Working with a venture capital firm, she and her G-Lab teammates spent time at MIT Sloan last fall analyzing investment considerations for the firm's new Indian startup fund. Their efforts culminated in a trip to India in January that shed new light on their analysis, imbued her with respect for the intelligence and determination of the Indian people, and left her with vivid memories. Jensen, a 2007 MBA student, recounts her G-Lab experience and how it fits into her MIT Sloan education.

Sparks fly for education in India

Sparks fly when entrepreneurial minds collide at MIT, and the repercussions can be felt across the globe. So it is with Spark, an idea incubator run by a number of MIT Sloan alumni and students. The Massachusetts-based organization is working to provide financial support to private schools in India, in the face of the Indian government's unwillingness to invest in its woeful public education system. As part of MIT Sloan's Sustainability Lab this spring, a team of current MIT students developed a model to help Spark determine which private schools to invest in. Correspondent Scott Rolph spoke with team member Ali Wyne on the model the team developed and the growing sense of social responsibility among MIT Sloan students.

G-Lab '09: Ras Resort, India

The first in a series of podcast exploring MIT Sloan's renowned Global Entrepreneurship Lab (G-Lab) focuses on a marketing challenge in Mumbai, India. A Mumbai-based entrepreneur hopes to capitalize on his belief that tourism in India will be growing--particularly among business travelers--by expanding his hotel business into other cities across the country. It's the job of the MIT Sloan G-Lab team to sift through his ever-shifting ideas and goals and steer him and his business in the right direction. Team members Gerardo Guzman and Karen Bruck (both MBA class of 2009) talk about zeroing in on the project's scope to build their client a solid business plan and the welcome assistance of MIT alumni contacts in India.

India Lab 2009: Bangalore

Katie Barrett and her fellow MBA 2010 teammates spent four months working with Bangalore-based Adea, an IT solutions company, toward possible expansion into the Boston market. Two weeks on the ground in Bangalore gave the team insight into the impact a country and a culture can have on a business, and gave them the information they needed to come down in favor of expansion.

Automotive Lightweighting as a Strategic Opportunity for India's Automotive Industry

Although steel has been the material of choice for many automotive components since the dawn of the automotive age, there is evidence that a change to lightweight intensive materials would bring significant environmental and economic benefits.

Climate Change: The Economics of and Prospects for a Global Deal

From Nicholas Stern's market perspective, climate change constitutes an "externality" that, like traffic grid lock in a city center, arises when some people's actions affect the welfare of others, at no cost to the perpetrators.

Global and Domestic Imbalances: Why Rural China is the Key

Contrary to popular thinking, China owes its astonishing economic expansion not to far-sighted government policy but to hundreds of millions of entrepreneurial peasants. Yasheng Huang's research reveals not only how small-scale rural businesses created China's miracle but how that nation's recovery from the global recession and righting the massive East-West trade imbalance depend on this same under-acknowledged sector.

Student Stories: Megan Ford

Megan Ford's road to business school took some less-than-traditional turns. A member of the Screen Actor's Guild, Megan has worked in front of the camera and behind the scenes on several movies and tv shows (see Mona Lisa Smile, Law and Order, Dawson's Creek). Through her strong connections in the New York film and political communities, she became involved in the non-profit Asia Society, traveling throughout India, Japan, Kazakhstan, Thailand, and Korea. The more time she spent off set, the more Megan began to think about her long-term goals. She took the first step toward a new career by coming to MIT Sloan. Her current focus is the strategy and marketing side of media and entertainment; it's certainly different from acting, but Megan will be on familiar ground. Before beginning her internship with Disney, Megan talked with correspondents Scott Rolph and Michelle Choate about the benefits of the alumni network, the joys of production, and the difference between the talent side and the studio side.

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